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A woman & Babies Need Help!

A woman and her babies need a little help. Actually a LOT of help. Last night the abuse went to far when she had to pick up heart medication for her one twin. They are about 5 months old. Her husband has been an abusing bastard since day one. I have offered her my house but being in NJ he would find it. Not that he would walk out unassisted by a body bag but still a big problem. I and others have told her to leave and finally she made the leap. She is currently in the south. I’m looking for someone that can take her in for a few days until I can get her settled. She has 4 kids, all of them little. She has a car and can buy her own food. I just told her to take all money out of her card and not to use it for anything. Once she is settled she will get a new phone so hers can’t be tracked. If you know of someone in the south let me know. If you want to donate to her I will find out if she has PayPal or you can send it to me, I wouldn’t lie or keep any money, I’m not like that. Just send it as friends and family and put reason for Miranda and kids. Miranda is not her real name. If you can put her up for a little while do not worry. The husband won’t look for her in any place but Florida and NJ so all other places are safe! I have a friend who knows people. As in knows! He’s working on this as well. He has no problem taking her but he just got married so the wife is a no! Anyway, if you can help it’s appreciated if you can’t, it’s the same. Thank you!

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My family is pretty well known in the mental health community for our advocacy. I don’t know if they can relocate but my family can try to get her into this woman’s shelter we tried to help one of my friends get into ( I say try because she didn’t want to go unfortunately despite pleading, we found out she actually liked the chaos and was behind the fights with her father 😞) It’s known to be one of the best domestic violence agencies in my city. But I would have to talk to my family to see if they can pull those strings. I can text them this weekend. When do the women and children need to relocate @De…



I can't take anyone in because my husband would say no, but I can certainly give something.


May the odds be ever in their favour. I pray for their protection and provisions to be met swiftly. Everyone has their own set of challenges and obstacles in their life. And I pray none shall perish but overcome the perils ahead to lead to prosperity.

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