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Ending eBay auctions, shipping & New items.

Ending, shipping and New!

These items will end early tomorrow and they are amazing, great items! I will be back to adding to EBay next month. Before that you will all get notification of live auctions I will run. All rules will be posted at and will also be advertised here and Facebook Hauntedcuriosities page.

The two items ending on EBay tomorrow or today, whenever you are reading this, you do NOT want to miss. Right now all shipping is out. If you just bought or see items that you didn’t get notification for, they ship tomorrow. Items are right now being added to miraclesand marvels. The coupon code is still good, so enjoy! A new advertising will come out tomorrow after I add these on now. Most items being added will be sale with a few being regular price. Don’t miss the Tomb candles going on now at 15.00 each. If you are out of the country, I don’t ship until you hit 100.00 it will be right on the listing. Thank you!

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