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Exciting new items now on!

All new items!

Here is the list as of late last night.

Enjoy, more coming after the eBay items go on. They are going on now but will be scheduled. Some will show up tonight.  The Fenton cats are paranormal items. They will be given names and the personalities of those cats can be found on the blog at These are all expensive but will go on for 9.99 starting bid, no reserve. The beanie babies are also going on at 9.99 but none of those are supernatural but one. That one I believe his name is scorch.  Other items you see unless in the meta categories are just regular items.

GY the item you wanted will be on auction tonight. 9.99 starting bid, no reserve same as the others.

Below is a Jersey huge beefsteak tomato! Isn't he gorgeous 😂😂😂

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٢ تعليقان

Since there's pieces about Valiant Thor I wanted to send a interesting source of information going out there that hinted that Nikola Tesla was a Venusian himself. Would love to know what other figureheads in history were secretly not biologically human. Or about lost civilisations - Tartaria, Argatha, Atlantis, Lumeria and Sha-gri La. I wonder what other civilisations beyond the public eye and how they're going about in running their civilisation is going about in their work life routines on physical plane planet earth


May the odds be ever in your favour to seek empowerment in the things we have yet to know or encounter

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