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Free item for testing

If you are interested in testing an item please answer these questions. Text them to me when you’re done. The item is free for a review. I know no one that qualifies to test this.

Here are your questions?

Are you between 18 and 25

25 and 40

Or 40 to 80?

Do you suffer from heart issues?



Joint pain?


Mental issues?

Have you been alien abducted?

Bigfoot abduction?

Do your muscles hurt?

Do you have toe fungus?

Kidney issues?

Do you prefer a show or bath?

If you have any of these issues what is your pain level on a scale of 1 to 10?

That is all. All information is kept confidential. Please include your name.

My text is 267-825-0571

Also the coupon code is good until the 23rd and it’s April1

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If your name is here I’m doing you this afternoon. I would do you all right now but I’m waiting for others to get up. I’m up very early but not others! 😁 If your name is here I’m going you today. Byr


Is there a deadline for this?


I wonder what a bigfoot abduction is like. Heard those guys are interdimensional beings that our nature's protectors and environmental nature's preservationist. It'll probably be an adventurous experience I guess.


I've sent the answers to the vetting questions for item testing via WhatsApp text (since I don't live locally in same country).

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