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From Another Time

“Tell me, you are not serious!”

As the woman shrieks, the man sitting on his knees shrinks even more and almost hugs her legs. Right when the woman feels his hands along her legs, she jerks her leg, causing her heel to hit him right in his face.

"You lost my most prized possession, and now you are sitting here on your knees?"

The crying man sits again, his hand placed on the little scraped skin on his face where the heel hit him. No doubt, it was bleeding too. He suddenly bows in front of her and cries loudly.

"I am…sorry…please…let me…go." His words tremble in the four walls of that dark, cemented place, as he begs for forgiveness.

"I just gave you a little work to do! To take care of that ring, while I was gone for some business!" The woman turns her body around, thumping her forehead with her hand.

"I shouldn't have trusted you with that!"

"I…am sorry…please-"

"Shut up!" The woman shouts and hits him with her heel once again. The man groans in pain. "Wish I didn't save you that day from that devil!" The woman bows down and clutches his face in her hand, her long nails almost embedded in his skin. "If you'd died, I wouldn't have made the mistake today." She jerks his head once again, and he falls to the ground, crying in helplessness. The woman turns around and shoves her hand in her coat's pocket and takes out a small sniper, nearly the size of her hand. As she loads the bullet, the sound reverberates in the desolate hall and the man shakes in fear.

"Please…no…I have a family…please…forgive-" and before he could even complete his words, the woman shot him right in his forehead. The man limps in pain, but soon his soul gets separated from his body. The woman sighs heavily and leaves the spot, immediately. A car waited for her outside the chamber and she slid into it, instructing his guard about the body inside.

"Hello?" she speaks on her phone.

"What's the update?" the grave voice pronounces.

"The man is gone, though there is no whereabouts of the ring."

"We need it in any way, I have a huge sum on the material, we cannot let it go like that."

"Don't worry. I'll die, but I'll get you the ring."

The lady shoves her phone in her small purse and thinks of a plan.


In a parallel world, Lieutenant Charles receives a call from his headquarters. An open reserve, containing many important yet confidential historical documents and some other things have been found. Charles still remembers how tirelessly the forces were looking for that place since he joined the army. Though no one knows the exact place of its hiding, it's probably somewhere one's conscience can't imagine. Amidst all the thoughts, Charles' daughter runs to him and hugs him as she is back from her school.

"How did your school go?" he asked her, kissing her forehead.

"Amazing, dad!" she replies and runs off towards her room. Charles can't believe she is six, already.

He stands and hugs her wife, before leaving for his headquarters.


"Lieutenant Charles, I want you to go and have a brief tour of this area," the major taps his finger onto the outlined area of the map.

"Yes, sir. I'll get it."

"Charles, we need to find the place, before anyone else. Since the news has been evolving about the existing items, every person in this world is trying to get towards it. We need to access them first and hand them to our country's authorities before someone pays them off somewhere else."

"Don't worry, sir. I'll try my best!"

"I trust you, Charles." Listening to the major's words; Charles marches out of the room and sits in his car to start his mission for that day. He held his map in his hand and marked the major places he wanted to visit and asked the locals if they detected any suspicious activity around. As he kept on embarking on his way, he visited dozens of places, asking people around, but in the end, he always returned empty-handed. Nobody knows anything.

 In a depressed mood, Charles parks his car on the side of a market in a desolate place and buys a pack of cigarettes. Though he is not an addict, he smokes once a month to keep his taste alive. He looks around the dark place, with no trace of life, and decides to take a walk. As he walked in the dark shadows, where the only light was from his cigarette's burning ash, he noticed something unusual. There was a huge building standing that shined due to its bright white color. Charles has never seen it before. He takes the torch out of his pocket and points toward the building. The building looks quite old and he doubts someone lived there. The gateway was guarded by two huge standing stone slabs. He squints his eyes and notices the small text on the stone pillars. It's Greek, he recognized it right away. He moved closer to the building and tried to find a way to get inside, but the door was enormous and sealed. He couldn't break it as well, as it looked like tough concrete.

 As Charles goes around, he hears a sound. He looks towards the road when he sees a car approaching. The road is a blind end; the car is probably coming here. Charles runs to a bushy shrub beside the building and camouflages himself behind it. The car stops right in front of the building and a woman gets out of it. She is tall and slender. The car's engine is still working and Charles notices the driver inside the car. His eyes follow the woman who is walking towards the building. She unzips her purse and Charles could hear it clearly as there was silence all around. The woman takes out something from her bag, what seemed like an ornament, and scratches it many times on the door. The voice was irritably strong, but her hands kept on doing it until she threw away the ornament in agitation.

"This is not the ring!" she shouts aloud in the air and lets out exasperation. Charles, still hiding, senses something wrong. In no time, the woman sits in her car and the driver drifts away. Charles examines the door once again, and bows down to see the spot she was scratching. As he bowed down, he saw the strange cemented extension. It was like a mold, to fit something into it. Charles takes off his ring and places it inside the mold, but it's quite smaller. Charles wears his ring again and leaves the place knowing that it has to do something with the ongoing case.


"Sally! You just don't have to take things like this from anyone." Charles opens his eyes to see his wife getting ready for school, but right now, she is examining something in her hands. It's a ring, huge than the normal size. As she leaves the room, Charles gets up and picks up the ring. It's huge, with embedded blue stones on it. The ring looked antique and crystallized textured. Charles' two fingers could easily fit into it. He was examining it when his wife entered the room.

"Where did you get this from?"

"Sally got it from school. I don't know what she is always up to."

"What do you mean by the school?"

"She told me that her best friend, Jeremy, gave this to her."

"Jeremy? Whose father was caught by intelligence multiple times?"

"Umm, yes. I guess so. Don't worry; I'll call his mother and return-"

But Charles has already gone out of the room and then the house. In no time, he reaches the same place he visited last night. The only difference was that he didn't need a torch this time.

"Sir, I need a backup. I am sending you the location," Charles states and shoves his phone into his pocket. He reaches toward the abandoned building and takes out the ring from his pocket. The size would fit into it. He bows down and fits the ring into the mold, and surprisingly it fits right, but nothing happens. Charles pushes the door multiple times, but it's jammed.

 Charles backs off and tries to hit the door with his foot when suddenly, the rings start to shine bright. The blue scorching light blinds him and he momentarily covers his eyes with his wrist, but when he opens them, following the loud thrusting sound, the jammed door finally unseals. The door opens to a closed, dark chamber. Walking through the gloomy hall, which was only lightened by the natural light, Charles took out his gun and loaded it. With a pointing position and sharp senses, he moves down the gallery to end up in a hall. Charles looks around, but he doesn't understand the point of its secrecy. There was nothing that could hold the possessions in the space. But he wondered about the purpose of the sterling ring. The fact can't be ignored that it looked like a magical stone.

   Charles examined the space once again and decided to leave place. But as he made his way back, he knew something right away. The ground below his feet was hollow that he could tell from his years of training. He tapped his foot on it, yet confirmed it to be a storage room. Charles bowed down to open it in any way when he heard the loading gun.

"Stay away, right now!" Charles looks up, hearing a feminine voice. A woman stands pointing her gun at him from a distance. He guessed her right away. She was the same woman from last night.

"Gun on the ground!" the woman screams. Though Charles was not terrified by her, her dark gaze made him step back, and he placed the gun on the ground.

"So, you stole the ring, huh? Well, anyways, you made my work much easier." She exclaims and walks toward Charles. Now the gun, touching his forehead, the woman pushes him back to clear the ground and kicks his gun sideways with her stilettos. Now, Charles had little hope to counter her death as well. The woman then bows down and opens the storage space, as Charles already expected. Instead of a whole space or room, there's just a small wooden box underneath it. She passes a devilish smile seeing them and blows a whistle. A man, in his near forties, walks up to us and motions to take out the whole box.

"Go and fit everything into the car!" she orders. The man bows down and picks up the huge storage box and makes his way to the entrance. Charles felt helpless, as the gun never left his forehead.

"Don't forget to take the ring from the entrance," she shouts to the man, who can barely listen to her. "But let me first finish this."

She now forces the gun against his forehead once again and moves her fingers towards the trigger.

"Your body will rot in here, nobody would know."

And just seconds before the trigger was pulled, another gun was pointed against the back of her head. 

"Kill him and I'll drop a bullet in your brain," Major's heavy voice echoes in the hall, and Charles could see the abrupt change in her expressions, turning from confident to terrified. Major holds her hand and the gun falls to the floor. Charles almost immediately grips her hands and turns her around, binding the handcuffs around her hands.



"It's over!" the major shouts. "Get her and her driver in the van!" and within a moment, a group of Charles' colleagues walks in and takes the woman away.

"Good work, Charles! You deserve appreciation!" The major thumps on his shoulder and Charles couldn't be happier.

They walked outside to see the confiscated storage box, being loaded by the generals. As they exist, Charles looks back and picks the ring from its place, followed by the closing of the door.


"Think we should transfer all our weapons here," smirks the Major.

"You have to take care of the ring, then," Charles replies, offering him the ring.

"I'll take it back."

Both of them laugh together and walk to their car.


Later, the ring was displayed in the museum that was admired worldwide, and no doubt, it wasn't ordinary.

All of what you just read took place right next to us. This is an unseen dimension where you and even family members could be living.  Maybe you don’t? Who knows until you travel there or peer beyond what you can normally see.  This ring allows you to bring back items that are magical and supernatural from other realms. This ring comes from the 1960’s. This is sterling silver with a Sapphire blue colored center stone.  What is very unique about this piece other than what is mentioned is that it is a key. This key unlocks the Earth and spirit barrier. This allows you to walk in human form from one dimension to another with out the breakdown of human flesh and bone. Your mind will also remain intact, no Philly experiment here! This sterling ring also comes with extreme protection so you are safe while in another dimension. It also reconstructs physical items so they can travel with you. Unlike other items of its kind there is no memory erasure of anything you learn in both past and future time dimensions. Think very hard about those possibilities.

You can use this for what you want. But here is how I would use it. I would move forward to future time dimensions and see what is coming, prepare for that to my advantage.

Do you want to know if I texted it? I did. Do you want to know what I learned? I have no problem telling you as I feel it’s important. While I can give you basics, each person is different and will need to prepare in a way that’s useful to them. Once you learn this you could say, win the lottery and build a bunker!!! Just throwing out ideas here. To each their own.

This is about a size 12 or 13 ring in sterling silver with sapphire color blue center stone.

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