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Happy Valentine’s Day + Eggs!

Happy Valentine's Day to Everyone! Some of you who have been shopping with me for years know that every so often I give surprises. Sometimes I just send them to you and other times they come in the form of Eggs! Other times they just go on the website for regular customers only. You may ask why do I do this! I do it because all other companies give free things out to NEW customers! Why should I do that? I have people that have been with me for years and those people should get the perks of being loyal! Loyalty is a much lost value today but it is one I have in both family, business and friends! To clarify new people only means you come on the website to grab your free stuff. If you have shopped at least twice, you qualify. This time I'm doing Eggs again. It's nice if you buy something so I can save on shipping but it's not necessary. What are Eggs? Are are just free things that are unadvertised so you have to look for them. They could day free or they could say egg or even Valentine's Day, maybe loyalty? Who knows but they can be anywhere from items already added to things I will put on. One per customer unless you order, than you get to grab two. All are different so he on the look out. Eggs will begin appearing but not advertised as of maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow but you won't know unless you look. I must also tell you this because of one person who bitched last time. I HAVE TO put a dollar in the amount box. I'm not trying to but if I don't I can't list it. And no I can't refund your dollar. However unlike other giveaways you do not pay shipping! So be on the lookout and new items will be on tomorrow or tonight.

Happy Valentine's Day from HC!

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Mar 11

I found an Egg 🥚❣


Happy valentines everyone and may the odds be ever in your favour and loyalty lingers for the rest of your life

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