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Keeping It Real

Have your ever thought that social media itself is a conspiracy theory? Probably not because you like it too much. Like any good agent would do, they make you love them and then they put you under their spell.  


This article is not about how social media gathers information on you, that is another dark story for another time. Social media works in more subtle ways, slowly destroying your perception of life and emotion itself.


They want to make us behave like robots and treat each other like objects. Is that easy for them to achieve? As it seems, it is. In a matter of a decade, social media has accomplished their part of the bargain in this dark conspiracy.


Visual imagery is the most powerful element that enters your mind. Images are a Trojan horse that slowly affects the way you evaluate life by altering your beliefs. Social media turns people into objects by treating them like beautified numbers.


Your value is measured by metrics such as likes and followers while your appearance has to always be spotless. Average people have now become the best directors of their own selfies, always getting the right angle to produce the perfect shot. Social media also promotes the use of filters, to make our pictures as beautiful as possible.


This whole process gradually transforms our perception and we tend to view everything around us as plain material, including human beings. As it often happens with material, they get outdated and we look for the next best thing.


You can start to imagine how in the following years it will become more and more difficult to build meaningful relationships with our parents, friends and spouses. Outer appearance becomes more and more important while values that derive from our inner character are jostled.


Take notice on how you judge other people because you might have fallen a victim to social media as well. Remember to keep your beliefs in check and not allow your perception to be altered by these dark forces.

We do have pieces that keep the real human mind alive. You just need to ask.

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The Warden
The Warden
Aug 02, 2022

I abandoned social media because it's just people competeing with each other, the rat race. It's also a distraction.

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