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Montauk 2

So sit here writing my day in the life and it's normal for me, to be disgusted with the human race. Really it's normal, honestly it is. I'm often called a ray of sunshine, bundle of joy, etc.So someone asked me when do you first remember your disgust for people. I remember all the way back to Kindergarten and my big blow out in first grade while I was in school in Florida, when I went of course.... I didn't always go because I had to pick oranges with the Mexicans which were nice people even this family who's son I beat up because he made fun of my brother. They knew who the new cartel in town was when I got done. They fed me banana cake after that and I liked them. Even though I liked them they still knew you don't mess with my brother or you could die,end of story.I guess it's not that I despise all people it's just the dumb asses of the world like the ones in my first grade class. I remember having to get on stage and sing Here comes the sun, which I hated with an obscene passion! When they sang the word sun you had to hold up the sun picture so I held mine down and up when it wasn't being sang. Needless to say I got my ass beat but it was worth it. I can also remember the class being taught to read out of those Dick and Jane books,you know Dick and Jane,Spot and I forget who else. I remember thinking why God must I listen to these idiots sound out words that they should already know. DDDDDiiiick aaaaand jajajajajane,I wanted to smack them all. I didn't give a crap about Dick or Jane and I remember having to read it and saying here comes dumb Dick and there is stupid Jane and Fuck Spot. Yeah I really did that and my parents really were called into school. Even today I feel surrounded by people who are living breathing zombies. One example was this lady this morning and her big horse mouth,her stupid mouth and her three kids who were teenagers and couldn't sit still to save their lives. I knew why her kids were dumb,she was dumb so now we have breeders,breeders who will reproduce more morons to walk the planet and take up space and oxygen. She wasn't a mean person but I did not have my morning ice tea yet or my Kool-aid and my brain was buzzing with her ADD children. Speaking of ADD is that even a real thing? I mean in my day as a child if you acted like an idiot you got your ass beat. Now you act like an idiot and I think you get disability,sad really!I don't want people to get the wrong idea. I'm a very easy going person,live and let live but try not to do it near me if you can help it. I keep my thoughts to myself in fear of being committed. I will be the first to help an injured or lost animal a homeless person or a crack head that need a ciggarette. I really want to open a homeless shelter that is a farm that all the homeless work on and they grow their own food and learn stuff. Also on that same farm will be stray cats and dogs that would otherwise get put down. I really like animals,not so much people but I do like babies because you can raise them up to be productive citizens that have brains.Of course it's best not to ask how I think politically because I'm not mainstream,I can't stand the Moron in the white house,at all,in anyway shape or form. In fact I despise what he has done to this country. I'm not a liberal even though my homeless shelter idea makes me sound like one. I more talking about Vets that fought for our country but I will help anyone. I can't wrap my mind around some of the things the idiot has done from breaking bread with Bill Ayers and his wife,KNOWN Jew haters to refusing to call certain terrorists what they are and on to lighting up the White House in rainbow colors,where is the Red White And Blue? We have soliders you know,I guess he forgot. I should stop here,my rants can get out of hand.I do feel that my rants help me get through the day and of course I have some fun times too. One prime example was Steve who sent darling Lindy an invite for the day of positive acts and thoughts ,this takes place on August 1st. It seems that Steve,poor,poor Steve just doesn't get Lindy. Here is how this went.Lindy- Look Dee Dee Steve sent me an invite and it says I'm beautiful. It looks to be some day of being positive.ME- oh..... ( begin to get scared as I know Lindy)Lindy- Look Dee Dee at what this woman posted it's a poster shaped like a heart and she wrote on it " what the world needs now is love sweet love"Me- Just thinking about what could possibly be coming....Lindy- I'm going to reply to this.Me-Oh,okay... me getting very worried now.Lindy- Look Dee Dee go read what I posted!!!Me- Hmmm it says here that you posted " what the workd needs now is birth control sweet birth control"Lindy- YEAHHHHHHHHH People get on my nerves.Me- mine tooWell I have to get to work now but my next post may be on the mind control victim I came across and I belive them too.

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Frank Huber
Frank Huber
Jul 16, 2022

I had the displeasure to meet a man who was deeply involved in the Montauk project in 1997 and he in fact gave a few seminars in my old home town.....he was a charming character, but when I saw him it became instantly clear that he was not "from the right side" and that there was something seriously wrong with him......I was naive back then, but the experience was worth the while.......Frank Huber, Germany

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