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Multiple Coupons and The Bishops Ring

These are your coupon codes. Please read them all CAREFULLY. Thank You Frank and Adrianne for reminding me!

For you have two codes. There is a Buy2get1 and that is the code. You will get the lowest priced item free. You can use that coupon only once. Place the code in exactly as you see it above. That code is good only from today until April 3rd.

Also for Miraclesandmarvels you have the discount code. That code gives you 15 percent off of each item but the coupons can’t be combined. In other words, you can’t use the Buy2get1 with the 15 percent off code. That code for 15 percent off is spring23 exactly as you see it. You may apply that code to any item and as many as you like.

For the coupons are Buy2get1 but can only be applied to the category called Paranormal Jewelry. You can use that coupon only one time. The free item will be the lowest priced item. That coupon is good from today until April 3rd.

The second coupon is for 15 percent off and is good from today until April 26th. That 15 percent off will be applied to every item. That code is exactly as you see it here spring23 you may use that code as many times as you like. will have items added to it today but there is no coupon code for that site.

About tipping. I sincerely appreciate it BUT it is not needed! One of the staff added that and I just haven’t gotten around to removing it. I do believe in tipping, tipping your waiter or waitress, your salon, your car window washer, etc. There is no need to tip me. You’re going to get the same service and the same shipping speed as someone who doesn’t tip. Please keep your money, I like you all equally, although to be honest some better than others! 😇

My one and only Egg winner! Please email me. I know it’s one of the L’s.I need your address. I think you won sterling silver earrings. I’m sending you two pair because I had them here so long now I forgot where I put them! There is still other eggs out there! I never made it hard but now I’m starting to rethink that, maybe I did but I don’t think so!

Text messages to me will no longer be available. This is because when I tell someone I’m busy, they just keep on going. This isn’t targeting any specific person but please use the email.

Showering, eating, breathing and travel, I do those things. I must now do them, with out having to explain it. Sunday’s are forever off limits for emails. You may try and I may answer, or, I may not.

Layaways are no longer accepted BUT you can email me and ask. I will leave it at that.

What I am going to add is personal shopping assistant which will be Lindy. She has no problem looking up multiple items for you at all. Her fee is 25.00 an hour.

I’m also adding personal assistance for learning about the occult, religious magic and anything else you might want to learn about in this genre. That price is 200 per hour. I’m thinking it might be cheaper to buy a book? However, I’m here for you. Please inquire about how long it might take. I will also place information when I can on the blog at

THE BISHOPS RING!!! Now is the time to inquire about it! Trust me on this. You will soon be seeing a lot about it and what has gone on with it! Truly a most fascinating piece that one shouldn’t be with out.

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