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New Items, Info, Shipping, Coups

New items just added. Plus!

Here are the new items plus information on coupons and shipping.

New items.

I only added a few of the items I added onto Supernaturalsupermarket. You just have to look through there because I didn’t want to inundate everyone as I think over 100 cosmetic items were added. I’m adding a coupon today called Daisy1 and it will look just like that for 15 percent off. Shipping will take place all weekend and go out on Monday. I will be adding more on today along with some videos.  If I owe you a gift, like Hugh please send me your address. Other than Hugh here is what I have for free gifts. Tarot cards, intention pens, jewelry with fairies, and protection pieces. Hugh, I have what I’m giving you. Ben, you have already gone out. Byron I have been working on that thing for you. Russell, I got you! 

I don’t know what day it is yet because I have been working almost 24 hours every day. Yesterday I worked  22 hours with 2 hours of sleep. When the weekend comes, have a great one! I’m going to watch Harris Faulkner and then go to work. I have a great doll coming that is pristine and yet old and very haunted! The background is so sad too!

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All new items! Yes we do layaway. Use your new coupon code! Definitely check out the two mystery boxes and some of the other items. I didn’t forget the honey. It will ship out mid July. RS please let

All shipping is out! Yea!!

You will see your shipping marked sent in a few hours. Boy, it has been a rough week! I hope yours is as better! The investigation was grueling, the people horrible and the spirits in trauma! I’m glad


I hope you get some needed rest tonight Dee Dee! Sending you LOVE ❤️❤️❤️

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My Way by Giorgio Armani 😊


Thank you deedee hopfully you’ll get more needed sleep with this holiday weekend comming up

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May the odds be ever in your favour Dee Dee. May every rest you get lead to a recipe of fortune for you be it investigations/underground auctions

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