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New items, international shipping& more.

’m adding stuff on today. Russell I will email you tonight and also Adrienne. Frank I did get your email, Ben your item will go on today. Those I’m working with will still get the discount. I will be packing up my international orders tomorrow. They will go out Monday except one guy because it’s 28 items. Those are located in our climate control unit and we had a bad storm here. I don’t know if all of NJ got it or just south but Ben I think you were hit with it too.  My person with 28 plus items Lindy just said she will pull them tomorrow so you to will go out Monday and I do have your instructions for shipping.  This is a new year everyone and while it has started out with war I hope you all are prosperous, healthy and happy. I appreciate you all and now I must get to it! Oh one more thing. A new customer bought a Knights Templar ring and a few days later he was very nasty about where it was.  I don’t deal with nasty very well so he was promptly refunded. The ring was pulled and ready to ship out so as I was looking at it’s a pretty good ring 💍 in what it does I would lol show it today and if there is interest it will be half price. You all have a great day! I forgot something else! As you can see I type the way I talk… we did one of the best transformations ever and it was by video. I was very leery at first on if it would take but Tomer added something new to it. I will show you all part of it and when the last part is done I will show you that too. I can’t put the persons name up so it will be blocked out but you will see the rest of it. We are currently with in the next week or so doing one for you RB. I will ship yours off when it is done.

Dee Dee

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If your name is here I’m doing you this afternoon. I would do you all right now but I’m waiting for others to get up. I’m up very early but not others! 😁 If your name is here I’m going you today. Byr


Can a person go crazy if his or her 3eyes open all the time I just wonder write back anybody I like to be a psychic too

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Ok that makes sense. Physical and portal travel do exist but you have to have a level of knowledge so you don’t mess up the balance of things when you do.


Jan 13

I'd imagine it would turn the 3rd eye on, if it was off before and that would cause the psychic senses to be on all the time. It would probably be overwhelming for some & would require the person to find a way to relax more frequently.


Transformations I wonder what epiphanies and sense of knowingness that creates having a transformation itself

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