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Reviews & Shit That Went South!

So, I was online looking for a blog post I did years ago on Montauk 2, NJ. There were pictures I took of the place or rather the remains and a video I put up. I also posted a photo of a spirit caught on camera. There was no denying that’s what it was. I’m going to have to spend hours looking for this thing now.

While looking for those I came across my reviews on CH listed under Haunted Curiosities. This was a great thing because there were reviews for a lot of items I recently pulled from my storage units. The Luxor beads were one of them. Those reviews on the Luxor beads start on page 1. The reviews of my site were great until you reach page 50. But hey, 50 pages of great reviews on someone else’s site is quite amazing. That’s out of 67 pages I believe.

When shit went south is when a poster named Osprey was doing a lot of posting about me, good reviews. It seems from what I read was that she attacked someone by calling them ungrateful for a free gift I sent them. I don’t know exactly what was said because five pages were removed. I didn’t even get along with Osprey and haven’t spoken to her in over a decade.

From that point things really went south. I was accused of making fun of people that only sold rocks. This then translated into I was calling out Magnolia, which it wasn’t her I was speaking about but a known copycat seller. From there it went to I killed dogs, etc and etc. This was in many places. From there we went into the seller wars where fake bad reviews on many were posted on scam and rip off sites. One posted by an anonymous person goes on about her tits, yes her tits. I won’t get into who she is because she will answer for her screwed up shit in time. You can’t have a dying kid in the hospital and worry about your tits! I’m going to leave that one alone. Another review says ripped off for thousands and each time they post the amount goes higher. Did they spend a few thousand, 3,000 yes they did. What they didn’t tell anyone is they are a washed up not well known celebrity, if you want to call him that. He’s a real racist against white people and has even posted to have them burnt and all their children killed. He’s a real winner and since his posting of me has never gotten another job. Yes, I made sure of it. Yes many of you may have seen him and know the show he was on. You know what makes that all worse? His wife is white! How the hell does she live with him? Does he want her dead or his children dead since they have white in them? Back to what he didn’t put in the review. He bought a bunch of stuff that totaled 3,000. He told me before he bought it that he was going to resell it. I told him then not to do that. I told him that people didn’t know him and that he didn’t have a reputation as a seller in order to do it. Not only that but he was going to more than double the price of what I charged him! His plan was to take it to some store in his area, more than double charge them and have them buy it all off of him! When the store didn’t want to buy it he has a hissy and wanted to return it. I told him no. One because I told him not to buy it for resale to begin with. Two it was off the market so long I would have to retest and do all the work of putting it back on. Three when something sells and then comes back, I personally would wonder why. I wasn’t going to make that my problem!

Reading the above and what I have just said has earned me the title of a racist. Funny how that works. You see, you can’t say things like I do but I honestly don’t care. You must forever keep the woke satiated, feed them like the demonic beings they are. There is no truth with them only their truth. I don’t agree with that and I will say again, there is not your truth or my truth. There is only THE truth. You don’t have to agree with it or like it, but it is what it is.

You will find a lot of those items from more than a decade ago listed and advertised today. You will also find that regardless of who likes it I’m going back to my old way of listing. I don’t like boring listings! I like telling you all about what’s going on with myself, employees and the world. We all have some interesting stories. Some are funny, some are disgusting and others are just life!

I also want to introduce Victor and Ricky who are back. Victor has some very interesting stories to tell for sure and Ricky, is just Ricky! Adita is also back for a short while. Also please submit your questions for the entity. I have them fully communicating again. I honestly think they go off and do other things in other places. You will be able to find those on Instagram, that’s where I think I put the last ones.

Now I have a job for someone. Contact me for details and to submit your pay rate.

I hope you all have a great day!

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Unknown member
14. Juli 2022

Omg...I remember all this. So much drama. I was a big party of CH community during that time. Ugh. It was and still is a toxic environment.

Gefällt mir
Unknown member
14. Juli 2022
Antwort an

I thought so too. But my bank said nope. I actually got great items from her before. But in the last year of our friendship...her stuff...just nothing. I won't say she's a fake because she still messes with me, but as far as what she puts out....

Gefällt mir
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