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Seekers & Wanderers

Seekers and Wanderers.

Are you a Seeker or maybe a Wanderer? A Seeker is someone born knowing something is different about them in a supernatural way. Usually at some point in their lives they find a way to connect with that power or abilities they should be using.

A Wanderer is a person who is immortal, knows they are and live in secret. These people are extremely powerful and became a Wanderer in various ways. Sometimes a Wanderer becomes a Seeker. You must now be wondering how that can happen!

A Wanderer becomes a Seeker when they decide to end their life. It is the only way it happens and it’s definitely a downgrade. While there are a lot of Seekers about 20 percent of them used to be Wanderers.

Wanderers came originally from the heavens. They relocated here and some went to Atlantis and then Egypt. It was in Egypt where the secrets of the Immortal Kings were shared with certain people. Not everyone was given the secret but they had to be picked. Once picked they went through a change which included alchemy and a process that crossed the blood brain barrier.

People were picked based on how they lived and certain potential as a soul that they possessed. Some of these things were bravery, logic, good moral compass and the ability for compassion. I believe the Wanderers were created to be kings on Earth or at least guide others.

Wanderers are alive today and have been here for all these years. They don’t need to worry about ID’s or will anyone figure out who they are. They are supreme beings in flesh. The abilities they have are astounding. Those abilities they use everyday and comes as natural as breathing does to you. They drive cars, eat food and hold relationships. While their partner will age they don’t realize that the wanderer is. The Wanderer has the power to constantly with out effort shield themselves into looking any way to anyone they want to. To one person they can look 20 but to another they might look 65. It is whatever is needed at the time. If a police officer pulls one over they will think they are looking at a license when in reality, it’s a blank card.

A Wanderer can control everything in the environment they need to. They can control everything another person feels and sees. The powers are never abused, at least not that I know of.

With all that the Wanderers can do is why they are called immortal kings.

How did the original Immortal Kings give the ability to others? There were a few ways. One was using a dimensional hidden formula of alchemy. This was done using gold and a certain acid produced by the human body. This allowed for crossing of the blood brain barrier. The other way is a transfer of soul light. A few days after that is done they too become Wanderers. You might ask if they marry do they give that transformation to their wife or husband? They have to meet requirements, the ones I spoke about above. Not everyone can have it.

If you feel different or always have there can be many reasons for it. Sometimes it’s just a constant spark in the mind that is connecting to a past life. Sometimes it can be from an encounter with a spirit at a young age. It doesn’t mean your a Seeker or a Wanderer, you could just be different! Different is good!

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