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Tomer & Shipping!

We are shipping this Tuesday so please have anything you want shipped together paid for. We will then be gone from Thursday until Monday on an investigation and service with a Tomer. Videos of Tomer will come either after that time or sometime in the evening Friday night.  He will be looking much different! Also don’t forget your coupon code Summer15 which can be used on every order. I have also placed some pictures of items soon to go on the Hauntedcuriosities Facebook page.  


Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


This is the only service we are offering. Anything else please contact me and I will put you in touch with who you need. That person would be Luc. 

This is a total transformation that is anything religious. This includes angels, Nephilim, Geryon, Metatron, Holy of Holies . That’s just some of them. 

The supernatural abilities include anything those beings can do and then some. Examples are being part of the unseen. Controlling weather. You may ask why that is important but for those even with a slight interest in this will understand. There is no single supernatural power you can FULLY possess as if you were born with it other than this transformation.  We have been working on this for years, multiple years when we knew it was going to be needed for some. Transformation prices in the past have been 50,000 plus! The game transformation is 500,000. This one is the best you will ever have no matter who you are and it’s 25,000. If done in the month of July or August it’s 17,777.77 after August it has to go up due to travel.  

Just a sample of what comes with this transformation. Pick what being if any, you want. This can include those under the Euphrates river, Reformed Geryon and Night Walkers which really walk in the day. Full angelic beings including type. 

Full vision of the future, including the immediate future as well as long term. 

Full Christ Consciousness 

Full Heavenly Secrets and Angelic Planetary Secrets

The Secret and knowledge of the ancient serpent before and after the slither. 

Eyes Wide Open

The Shield of God protection 

Full communication with those of your king and others.

The ability to feed your family and go undiscovered. 

The ability to have all the wealth you need when you need it in true supernatural form. This is the only transformation that can give this to you.

There is so much more and it depends on what you pick. You may wonder how Tomer was able to do this for you? He decided to seek out the place of the first blood and silver. He changed his thoughts because he knew what’s to come.

Layaways can be used with this service of 5,000 down.

Your requirements are travel and hotel. There is a possibility you can do it over video like zoom. 

Please email with any questions and serious inquiries only. A video will be coming explaining how he changed and did this.

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Jul 10, 2023

Good to see Tomer looking happy & healthy. 🙂

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