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Hello Everyone,

I have needed to give an update two weeks ago but I have been that busy. We have had a customer here for two weeks that we needed to handle every single day. After that as they can attest to we have a house to clean out. The house is filled with supernatural stuff and most of it is extremely strange! Seriously, I mean strange. We will be done that on the first and then I need a two day break. After my break I will get back to it. I realize shipping has been slow but no one is forgotten, not even those of you who ordered those little bags you have been waiting on. Anyone that has waited including Gordy Y will get extra stuff. Also G I appreciate you, you have yet to ask me where your stuff is! I will make you and the others happy. I haven’t gone anywhere and we are still in business. We just had a customer and this house. I will be updating the blog and that will tell you all the strange encounters. The biggest thing was people who were not supernatural but, well, I’m not sure they are good humans? I could tell you about the 60 something year old lady dancing in her underwear high on meth or maybe the naked dancing guy high on crack offering his prostitution services but I will leave that all for the blog along with the other horrors I endured. I swear if there is a hell and there is, I was in it. As of now I still am, but I will get through it and get back to business. Counting today I think I have been in that house 6 times and I’m done. I honestly don’t care what’s in it anymore. So enjoy your holiday weekend and remember what it’s for as you relax.


Dee Dee

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