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A Day's Wages and the Sifting of the Wheat

A Day's Wages and the Sifting of the Wheat

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If you are anxious about the end of times that is night, then look no further.  We have put together the perfect piece for you.  We call this piece a ring of a good harvest.  It grants you a good harvest, meaning that it will bring you wealth in desolate times.  However, this piece also brings about many other blessings that pour from the fountain of life.  

First, I want you to take into account the story of Peter.  In the book of Luke, Peter turned to Jesus calling him by his given name, Simon.  This was to let Peter know exactly how serious he was in telling him what he was about to tell him.  He went on to tell Peter that the Devil had asked to sift Peter as wheat.  In other words, he wanted to turn Peter upside down and put through tumultuous temptation to see what his true character was.  

See, nowhere in the Bible does it ever say that God won't bring us through difficult times.  It simply says that he will give us strength and guidance for the times that we have to suffer through.  During the End Times, we will surely be sifted as wheat.  This ring will grant you divine, spiritual connection to God that will allow you to know His presence, so when it comes time for the sifting, you will rise above.  You will have the power to defeat evil and to remain faithful.  

Another way you can use this piece is by being able to sift eh wheat that is around you.  Evil hides among us, in various disguises.  It is Satan's grand plan to trick us into doing things that go against God's plan.  This piece grants you the discernment to be able to recognize the demons that walk the Earth in human form.    This way, you can keep yourself and the people you love out of harm's way.  

Finally, we turn our attention to what the Bible says in the Book of Revelations.  The Four Creatures, as they are called, are having a discussion.  A voice among them speaks up saying what essentially amounts to, "A day's wheat for a day's wages."  This signifies that during the End of Times, things will be so bad, famine will plunder the Earth so much, that a day's wages will barely buy you enough to feed yourself and your family.  

In accordance with that, this piece will grand your wealth and abundance of God.  It will make sure that when those times come you will receive a pouring out of grace that will provide you with great wealth.  This great wealth will be a light among the darkness of those times.  Not only will God provide for you, but he will make you an example of His grace, allowing you to be proof to others that he exists and perseveres.  
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