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A Dozen of the Divine

A Dozen of the Divine

SKU: 1012108


This is a very large piece. It is made entirely of agate. It is extremely powerful and it has a YouTube video to accompany it that you can reach by using the following address:

Looking back through history it is quite evident that ritual offerings have been the metaphysical means to opening up portals to communicate with the gods. Whether it was to receive the deity's blessing, invite their presence into the temple, appease them so that way they didn't destroy a person's lively hood, or to grant otherwordly magic, history is rife with offerings being "sent up" to the gods.

Most of the time these offerings came in the form of burnt offerings-- crops, livestock, and in some instances even humans were sacrificed to the gods. The energy of the living things was offered in exchange for the presence of the divine; and, honestly, why not? It was the divine that gave us the life energy to sustain ourselves in the first place.

This piece has traveled the world with a very powerful sorcerer. He was specifically interested in making a collaborative piece that held the energies of multiple types of ritual offerings. What ended up happening is that the sorcerer not only had to travel the world, but he also had to travel in time to receive the magic of people like the ancient Mayans or the ancient Aztecs, the Phoenicians, and others.

What we are offering is a piece that holds the energies of ritual offerings to a dozen different deities from around the world and from different times. This piece is especially powerful because it will call forth the deity who will grant the full scope of the powers and abilities. Below you will find a list of these mighty deities.

Hades, the God of Death: This deity is the god of death and souls. He allows you to communicate with any deceased being that you desire to communicate with. This can be for simple communication or to acquire their power/knowledge

Olokun, the Keeper of Voodoo Secrets: This deity is the orisha of the depths of the ocean. He keeps ancient secrets of Voodoo magic hidden within his being. You can learn these secrets when accessing this deity. Olokun will also cast any Voodoo Spell that you want.

Ishtar-Isis-Inana: One and the same, this goddess takes many forms throughout many different cultures. She is the goddess of magic. She will create the magic that you ask of her and will show you how to summon the ancient magic of the deities.

Quetzalcoatl: He is an ancient Aztec deity. He appears as a feathered serpent and rules over many aspects of reality. This piece summons him for his authority over time. When you summon the deity, you will be able to control time including traveling to the past, traveling to the future, or stopping time altogether.

Molech: This is the god of wisdom, which is why he often appears as an owl. When using this piece Molech will grant you any type of wisdom that you seek. It doesn't matter whether this is the wisdom of the ancients or the wisdom of today. Molech is o top of it and will show you whatever it is you need to know.

Aether: This is the deity of the "Upper Sky" aka the Cosmos. When you summon this deity you will be able to bring forth the magic and the power of the Cosmos. This includes being able to summon the magic of the zodiac, the constellations, the stars, the planets, the sun, and the moon.

Gaia: Gaia is the goddess of the Earth. She will grant you power over the elements and the ability to create elemental magic. She will grant you abundance in all things, energetic healing, and will connect you to the Earth.

Wakan Tanka: Known to the Lakota Native Americans as the "great mystery", this divine presence will become your astral guide. He will draw your astral form out of your body and will guide you o the astral planes. You need only to tell him where you want to go and what you want to accomplish and Wakan Tanka will lead you there.

Ganesha: This is the Vedic god of overcoming obstacles. If you are struggling with overcoming anything in life-- from weight control, depression, getting a promotion at work, finding true love, becoming famous, or anything else that you consider an obstacle-- this is the god you want to have on your side. He has been destroying obstacles since the beginning of time.

Caishen: Is it a coincidence that this deity's name looks so much like the word cash? We don't think so, but you can make up your own mind. Caishen's name literally means "god of wealth" and he lives up to his expectations. This god of extreme wealth will bring you wealth in whatever form you need it in. Wealth in business, raises, promotions, wealth at the casino, wealth in investments, etc. Whatever way you need wealth, Caishen will get it for you.

Kali: Her name means, "She who is death." This goddess is very powerful because she is a great warrior and bringer of destruction. She will protect you at all costs, from all sorts of spiritual darkness and evil. She might be death, but her mission as related to this piece is to bring death to those forces in nature that wish to harm you such as demons, djinn, dark elves, witches, vampires, etc.

Harmonia: As her name suggests, she is the goddess of harmonious balance. You can summon her for many things including bringing balance and calm to your life. She helps with spiritual cleansing, aura cleansing, and the cleansing of karma. She also has the ability to balance your chakras and open up your third, allowing you to acquire full psychic ability.

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