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A light in your darkness

A light in your darkness

SKU: 1282302


A light in your darkness.

This piece is an antique and is depression glass. This is over 100 years old, plus! It’s in near perfect condition and does a most wonderful magic! I have had to use a few testers on this piece to make sure it works every single time and it does. This works for those who need to change their lives and pull out of a dark place. A dark place can be anything! This is very easy to use. You get a standard candle in white and light it. Do this in a dark room as it’s going to cast light, obviously. But what you are going to do is take 30 minutes of your time to sit with it and stare into that flame. That flame will be supernatural! It will begin to occur a deep feeling of wellness, happiness and many times a past life effecting you now. This can take a few sessions. You may need to do it a few days in a row. After that you may want to use it for other things like psychic visions, past life knowledge or just relaxation. Relaxation does promote clear psychic vision. So when you are done and out of your darkness and walking the path of light, you can still use this. The other thing this does is to clear your home of anything negative. I have a house down the shore where a woman died tragically right in my living room floor! She was an atheist and occultist but also a drug addict. While I have asked her to leave because of her physically bad behavior, her negative energy stayed. The crazy thing is I didn’t even realize it until I spent the night at the other house. I noticed none of that energy was there. I knew for a while she made herself unseen because she had shoved Hatchie off a chair. That’s when I had enough of her. You see, to me there is no difference between the living and the dead. Either one can piss me off. They do know more than the living because they have access to both curtains. They still know right from wrong and honestly I got sick of her shit. Unlike most mediums or those who see the dead, I can feel them in the physical so if you are going to push a child off a chair, dead or alive you are going to have a problem with me. Lindy and I got into an argument about it. She said be nice to her and I had to explain to her that wasn’t going to happen because of her behavior! If you can’t see the dead you don’t understand what I’m saying. Even if you don’t, I do and I’m not putting up with that crap! So even if you can’t see them doesn’t mean they are not there. If they are and they are negative, they can effect your health. So, give this a try for many things! This is well worth it. To be honest I thought of jacking up the price but you guys can tell I don’t do that just because I have a sale. I never have and never will, I’m not the Acme! I can say this is the only piece that has totally relaxed me so it may work very well for meditation too.

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