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A Shifting In Christ Consciousness

A Shifting In Christ Consciousness

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As the Earth moans and groans, as we feel the labor pains of times soon to be birthed into reality, the minds of more and more people are becoming illuminated.  God has been reaching out across the partition of mortal and divine.  He has been laying his hands upon the heads of his followers, waking them up one by one to his grandiose finale that will end the saga of humankind as we know it.  It will catapult us all (His followers) into a state of constant divine communion.  We will live with God, share His consciousness, share his core existence, have access to His magic, see his divine knowledge, know His Truths and His secrets, etc.

Until then, there has been a major, major consciousness crisis.  when I hear people say things like, "Well, if God let people experience miracles back then, what is stopping Him from doing them now?"  "IF God is so powerful why doesn't He just show Himself to us?"  The thing is that we have fallen so far from our connection with God, as a human race, that we are not even able to receive these things in the same manner as the ancient have.  Even when God does create miracles for us, we turn our eyes from Him.  We're "too smart" and we try to explain His presence away with science.  I know this isn't all of you, but it is the human race at large.  

This is not God's doing on His choosing as we are the ones that have fallen away from Him.  God has always been God.  He has always been there waiting for us.  We are the ones that chose to live in absence of His presence.  However, here in more modern times, He has chosen to really allow his presence to shine through some of the people who treasure Him and follow Him the most.  He has chosen to reach out with a heavy hand and bestow truth upon those who really believe in him in really brazen ways.  Such is the case with the woman who has provided us with this piece.  She has chosen to remain anonymous, so we will be referring to her as Nikita.  

In fact, I am going to tell her story as if I was the one experiencing it.  Just keep in mind, this was not me who was really having this experience.  It was a friend of ours, Nikita.  The other night I was out walking my dog.  This is nothing peculiar I always walk my dog around the same time.  This time was different.  As I began to get into a rhythm with my dog, I look down and notice he isn't there.  I look up and begin to notice that other parts of my reality were also fading.  It was strange, but I kept on walking the way I would have, only without the dog.  

Well, the disappearing act kept on happening and soon everything around me was gone.  There was just white light.  It surrounded me everywhere, but I continued walking.  A staircase appeared out of nowhere that led into the air.  At this point I was freaked out, I thought maybe somebody had run me over while I was walking and that I had left Earth and was awaiting judgment or something.  Nevertheless, I ascend the stairs and I was not ready for what I saw at the top.  I know that God and Jesus appear to people in whatever way makes sense to them, but this was extreme.  

As I near the top of the steps I looked over and all I could see was Jesus hung up on the cross that he died upon.  The crown of thorns was o his head.  Blood trickles from his wrists and his feet.  It was strange though because he didn't seem distressed and he didn't seem as though he was in pain.  I think that he simply was appearing to me in the most impactful way that he could.  I have a fixation with Jesus on the cross so it makes sense that he would appear to me in that manner.  

I immediately felt my eyes well up with tears and as soon as they began to fall, I felt this overwhelming sense of calm.  I was confused at what I was feeling until I sense Jesus' voice.  It called out to me, but not like a normal voice.  I could hear him inside of my head telling me not to be afraid.  He told me that I was chosen as a messenger, as a light in a dark world.  As I made my way over to where he was, the experience felt so real.  I could smell his blood as dripped down his body.  It felt warm as it pattered on my arm.  

I looked up to where his chest was.  There was a cavity in his chest.  Where his heart should be was this piece.  I could hear Him telling me to reach in and pull it out.  I didn't want to, but I could feel him asking me, "Are you going to deny your own Christ?"  Then, I got wind of courage and sunk my hand into his chest and pulled out the piece.  He began speaking to me, telling me that this piece contains the blood of the living Christ.  It holds His consciousness and His transformative power.  

I have already had my time with this piece.  It has awoken me and has led me toward the light and toward divinity where I shall stay.  This awakening is a privilege for those who receive it.  Only the pure of heart will be able to receive it.  This is a gift from God, but it is also a necessity for the end times, as He will need as many prophets as possible to help with the Final War.  That is essentially what this piece will "transform" you into,  

Okay, that was her story.  It's us again.  This piece is not one of our transformations or transformation pieces.  This piece will give you what amounts to a "kind of" transformation.  I know that seems contradictory, but this piece is more than just awakening or enlightenment.  It is transforming your role from "human" to "divine messenger."  Becoming a divine messenger has its perks.  

For Beginners, you will gain access to the Christ Consciousness.  This piece has been made with Jesus' own blood.  The amber is real and it contains Christ's blood.  The cross is sterling silver.  This piece is super powerful. As I was saying, it connects you to Christ's Consciousness through the presence of Christ's own blood.  It gives you communion with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  This will allow you to know them intimately, to possess the essence of their very core beings, and allow them to live inside of your body.  

As a reward you gain all of their knowledge, the ability to share their magic, the ability to grant miracles, the ability to access the Cosmos, the ability to speak with the authority of God, to control angels and Demons as you encounter them.  This piece will give you unlimited knowledge and an unlimited amount of white light energy that you can use to create your own white light magic.  This is a very, very powerful religious piece.  

Oh, last thing.  You will also receive prophecies from God with this piece.  They will show you the things to come and what you should do with this piece to maximize your potential, to help you achieve the level of enlightenment that you want this piece to give you!

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