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Absorbing the Genome

Absorbing the Genome

SKU: 472106


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This piece holds the powers of something called the Flower of Life.  The Flower of Life represents the cycles of life, where all life has been created by a single organism.  The flower of life also features multiple circles overlapping each other in an attempt to depict that all destinies intertwine and that all lifecycles are somehow interrelated and belong to a whole, collective conscious.  

The piece you are getting holds the energies of the Flower of Life.  When you wear this piece, the energies will raise your mind to a level where the Flower of Life will make sense to you.  This will open up a pathway that you will be able to travel in your mind.  Along this pathway, there are different genomes to different types of creations, which all stem back to the flower of life and its life-giving abilities.  It's sacred geometry in its purest form.  It the shape that the life-building code used by God coding that God has created has taken to build living entities of all forms, shapes, and sizes.  

The genomes from your pathway will consist of entities such as djinn, werewolves, angels, different types of celestial entities, fairies, other terrestrial entities that you've heard of, and many other entities with weird, powerful abilities that you've never heard. All in all, it is a very illuminating experience this is because when you travel your pathway-- which you can do as many times as you'd like-- you can pick and choose which genomes you want to absorb into your own, effectively giving you the ability to absorb those powers and abilities.  
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