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Adjoining the Mind of God

Adjoining the Mind of God

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By their own account, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows came to fruition when tradesmen that weren't part of other guilds or unions banded together.  Hence, the name Odd Fellows.  These days the Odd Fellows have taken to supporting the community through friendship, love, and Truth by performing a variety of acts of kindness such as visiting the sick, relieving the distressed, caring for the widow, educating the orphan, and burying the dead.  Supposedly, this has been their thing since the 1600s when they first created a charted to become a social organization.  However, as with other fraternities that are similar to the Odd Fellows, the roots reached deeper than the facade that they put on for the public.  

There's always something that is a common denominator to unionize.  Sure there is the need to make sure that your job remains secure, but in the 1600s it was more about magic, although nobody really talked about it.  Occasionally, a religious group would try to have a fraternity shut down on charges of apocryphal goings-on.  However, this never lasted for long and most of the time it was a simple case of the Church getting jealous because the fraternities were growing in magic and they were not.

The I.O.O.F. has done a lot of helpful things for the community, I'll give them that. It does not change the fact that their foundation was built upon a secret society and their need to preserve the magic of their own.  The 1500s and the 1600s were a magical Renaissance period.  It divided people and their allegiances into secret assemblies where magic ran rampant.  They used "labor unions" and other types of organizations as a face for what they truly wanted to meet for, which was the development of highly esoteric magic that had the ability. For the original members of the Odd Fellows, this magic was about Universal Manifestation of the Divine  

For the people of the time, this was not a foreign concept, alchemists and kabbalists had been attempting to reunite their consciousness with the divine.  However, the piece that we are offering is especially powerful.  This piece is an IOOF piece from Pennsylvania, specifically Gettysburg.  We aren't sure exactly how old this piece is  It is an antique, but it surely isn't hundreds of years old, which tells us the IOOF is still dabbling in magical arts.  I'm sure that the newer members are aware of what is really going on.  I mean, it's fine.  At least there are acts of charity happening. However, there are still obviously those who have been in charge of initiating the newer members in the ways of the Elders.  If not, what is the need for this piece?  

On the piece, you can see that "representative is written on the medallion proudly.  This means that whoever owned this piece at one point was clearly deeply involved with the operations that were going on at the GettysburgGettysburng Grand Lodge.  Honestly, this piece is one that we happened upon by chance during an investigation.  You know how Gettysburg is infamous for ghosts.  We didn't find any at that time.  What we did find was this.  We asked if we could have it and the owner of the property obliged.  We have been working with it for a while.  This piece is pretty incredible if I'm being honest.  

What this piece does when you wear it is join your mind with the divinity of God.  Through this adjoining, your mind will be allowed to travel through his many mansions.  I know that building on the medal is one from Gettysburg, but it is a double entendre for the mansions of God, as well.  See, it all ties together.  The Grand Lodges were modeled after the Mansions of God.  Either way, this piece allows you to travel through the mansions by joining your mind with God's divinity.  The mansions of God are mentioned in the Bible and there are many of them.  Some of them house angels.  

However, when you start getting into the mansions on higher subliminal levels, you will find that you open up a world of magic.  This is the world of magic that exists in God's mind.  All of his magical endeavors, all the magic he has ever known, and the wisdom to go with the magic existing in these mansions.  Each mansion serves as what we like to call an illumination station, where the magic of God will become yours.

Instructions for this piece will be given to the person who purchases it.  This piece works in two different ways.  Either you can travel through the mansions simply to experience what comes your way.  Or, you can travel with the magic of this piece in search of specific magic that will be revealed to you.  Either way, the magic of God will become yours.  Granting Miracles.  Creating Magic.  Controlling Angels.  Demolishing Evil.  Creating realities.  Mastering Destiny.  Divine wealth.  Psychic awakening.  All these things and so much more are at your fingertips when are in control of this piece.
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