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All Around, Forward and Back

All Around, Forward and Back

SKU: 21322100

Following the loss of Anaximander’s map, the first known map of the world, many persons tried to tour the world and make another map. Among the many attempts of the world’s geographers and cartographers is Hecataeus’ (Hekatæus). Hekatæus made another map from his journeys to the world, becoming the first person after Anaximander to make a map of the world. Although many people struggled to own the title, Hekatæus had A success because he had the support of one of the warlords with the conquest of Europe and Asia. His was about 50 years later, somewhere in the 550 and 475BC. What made his map better was that he had clues from men who had conquered the world, more accurate and pronounced locations, and nature, such as oceans, and empty landmass. It was an improvement that was worthy. For accuracy of drawing and estimate, the earliest maps were placed on scales, calculated, for precision. Many of them used a drawing compass and set squares for their estimation. There the first British palace had the map of the world painted on the floor of the King’s quarters, making it easier to realistically plan for wars and battles. With the privilege of world leaders and conquerors of the kingdom offering Hekatæus detailed clues with which he made his maps, Hekatæus had the responsibility of making a compact map for them. It will be easy to carry, easy to conceal, and would prevent men from memorizing the map. Thus, he became the father of compact maps. Many of his followers defended his legacy, and they kept modifying Hekatæus’ map until there was a complete one. However, the first modern world map encompassing major continents was made by his followers in his name. Hence, the earliest compact map is made into a sterling silver piece. It is the world in a chain!

So what does this map do? It’s for travel of course, astral life travel. Go back and forth, past and future. This also does dominance, your world domination. If you can’t astral travel, you can now. If you need to see into the past or future, you can now. Metaphysical laws apply.

Both the bracelet and world globe are sterling. This is for either a man or woman.

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