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Alter Your Divine Destiny

Alter Your Divine Destiny

SKU: 5262116


This piece is sterling silver.  The ring has intentionally been choses because if you look at it the right way it looks like two angel wings coming together to form what would be the face of the ring.  The magic in this piece comes from the bookd of Job.  Among this holy man's Lamentations sits a divine spell that can be cast upon a person so that way they wont ever have to experience what Job did.  It is a true white light miracle.  

This miracle involves a white light psychic awakening that will allow you to connect with your guardian angel, who is also the guardian of your destiny and the guardian of your divine path.  As such, this angel has ful authority over your destiny and can change it at any time.  This piece gives you a connection to your angelic guardian.  This way, you tell can tell your guardian what you would like your destiny to entail and they will do their best to make sure you experience that!
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