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Angelic Bounce

Angelic Bounce

SKU: 4162330


Angelic Bounce!

Take the safety pin off to activate your piece. How many angels can be on the head of a needle?

I LOVE this pendant! In the second picture you can see the angel inside of it. I call this the angelic bounce. I just must stop for a second and tell you what I have on TV and it was by my choice. It some survivial show but they paired real survivalist with these people that can't even start a fire and have never camped. The one guy is gay and I think mentally deformed. He says like after every single word and his ears stick out like the Goonie monster. He is crying and saying he is a Diva. Okay if your gay but is there some secret code I know nothing about where certain gays act like tards? I could care less if you are a gay, more power to you and all your sex toys too! What I don't understand is there seems to be some gay men that all act alike as if you can only have one personality. Not all gay men but some. Sometimes if they didn't look alike I couldn't tell them apart. The show is called kicking and screaming. I don't understand all the genders either. I hear we now have 56 of them but I only know of two, male or female. I must be lost in all the confusion. For those of you who might say Dee Dee hates gays, no I don't. I dislike idiots of all kinds. I just now happen to be watching a gay idiot.

Back to this pendant which has a safety pin on it. There is nothing wrong with it I just stuck it on there to clip it on a piece of cloth. If you look at this pendant you can see in the second picture the image of one of the angels. One of the angels. I captured that when I took the picture but I was looking at him when I took it too. The angelic bounce piece is unique because it is a landing pad that attracts angelic help of all kinds. It is not that you can't ask angels for help but with this piece they are always checking on you and always there to help you. If you are having a bad day or a bad situation you will bounce right back due to your angelic help.

This item is pure white light and will give protection, love, wealth and healing along with whatever else you need. You will also have increased psychic ability because the angels will touch you with the energy they hold which is another magic all in itself. There is no demon or demonic energy that will touch you with this hand crafted and magical piece. This is a piece that allows for you to intake their energy as well and claim it as yours for your use. This would include things like miracles and various other white light powers and abilities. You send out a signal while wearing this as it reacts with your body heat and chemistry. Most issues you have in life can be relaxed or removed with this.

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