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Angels of God's Own Arcanum

Angels of God's Own Arcanum

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Sometimes people don't get it.  I mean, they just don't understand and that's fine.  That's what we are here for.  To solve your metaphysical mysteries.  However, to be honest, there really isn't much to tell about this piece other than what it will do for you.  This piece once belonged to a group of very powerful men.  They called themselves the Lords of Men.  The reason they called themselves the Lords of Men is that they knew something very powerful.  It is something that we will call the root of God.  It is the very sustenance that makes up the existence of God himself.

We have told you before that before God the world was like Pandora's Box.  It was nothing but chaos magic.  Out o the Chaos the harmonic balance of God was formed.  He used the magic that was present in the chaos to create a balanced life, a balanced world, and a balanced existence overall.  To hide and to mask his extraordinary powers, God created a band of angels.  He called them the archangels.  Inside each of these angels, he stored a partition of himself and his great power.  These are called the Angels of the Arcanum-- or Archangels for short.  

The Arcanum in this case is the secret knowledge of God.  This knowledge is fed to God through the Throne.  The Throne of God is his ruling seat and he sits upon it with his golden scepter.  However, his throne is actually a connection that He can use to "plug" into the universe.  It keeps him young.  It keeps him immortal.  it keeps him informed. It is how he can sit and rule from Heaven, but to also be everywhere all at one time.  It is his connection to the universe with which he doesn't even need eyes to be able to see.  He can just sense things.

So the seven parts that make up His whole, which is what allows him to sit upon his throne and plug into the universe have been dispersed among a band of angels.  How many angels?  If you said seven you would be correct.  It is the number and the manifestation of God.  Each of the angels holds a small fragment of the Arcanum of God.  They preserve his presence even as he exists in the universe.  This way, if something would ever go wrong, God could be reunited and restored to his Throne.  This would connect him to the universe He has created and he would be able to be restored to power.  

Aside from a fragment of himself, God also gave each of the Angels of the Arcanum a great multitude of powers and magic of their own.  They are the most important and powerful of the angels in Heaven.  They are headed up by an Archangel named Michael, who is the angel who booted Satan from heaven the first time around.  So, you might now be wondering, what does all this have to do with the Lords of Men?  They have developed a magic that allows them to call forth each of the seven Archangels-- the angels of the Arcanum.  

They can manifest the angels inside of their own flesh, this is to say that they invite the angels to stay with them in their bodies.  They live together in unison.    This allows them not only to call upon the presence, the powers, and the magic of the ancient archangels, but it allows the seven attributes and hidden fragments of God to be released to them. Thus, the Lords of Men have the ability to successfully recreate the presence of God and his Arcanum.  It gives them the ability to become each of their seven respective angels, which are assigned to them individually.  When together, it gives them the ability to do greater things than that.   As I said, they can control the Arcanum of God, giving them a full range of his powers, including the ability to sit upon their own thrones, which connects them to the universe as God's throne connects him.  

The Lords of Men have one Master Key that previously belonged to the man chosen to house Michael's presence.  He is their leader, as Michael is the leader of angels in Heaven.  Consider this ring the Master Key that combines it all.  It combines the presence of all Seven Archangels.  It brings the powers of all seven archangels to you including Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Saraqael, Gabriel, Raguel, and Remiel.  These angels each own their own classes and subclasses of magic   This includes Immortality, Full Psychic Awakening, White Light Trascendance, the ability to travel to Heaven, the ability to call out angels by name, the ability to create your own reality, the ability to defeat and destroy evil, extreme wealth, extreme luck, the ability to communicate with the deceased, the ability to create white light spells, the ability to travel on the space-time continuum and extreme angelic protection.  

As if bringing these angels forth was not enough to take the cake, this piece then goes above and beyond.  It combines all seven of the Arachangels' powers and presence.  It replicates the presence of God.  Upon this, your chakra system will be destroyed, thus opening up a full awareness of self.  God's presence will be replicated inside of you.  You will take a seat upon a "throne" which will come to you in the form of a connection to the universe like God forms his.  Through this connection, you will receive both God's Consciousness and Christ's Consciousness.  You will receive the holy bloodline.  You will receive the ability to craft the chaos magic of the universe into any ability of your choice.  
The piece you are getting is a very unique sterling silver ring that used to the Key the belonged to the Lords of Men.  Now it belongs to us and it will belong to you when you buy it.  It depicts the archangel on the sides of it.  On the top is the black stone that sparks the magic to life when you place this piece on your finger or you hold it in your hand.  You will immediately gain counsel with the Seven Angels of the Arcanum of God.  They will help you get the ball rolling.  When it's all said and done, you will experience the powers of God, you will be able to see through his eyes to become as he is.  
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