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Becoming Ishtar

Becoming Ishtar

SKU: 472107


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This piece is an embodiment piece.  What is an embodiment piece?  It's an item that uses ancient principles of corporeal alchemy.  The idea is to allow the physical vessel to merge with the target presence.  The target presence range anywhere from the soul of a deceased person to a divine entity.  In this case, it is a divine entity.  This piece was acquired from a covert sorority who, in exchange for this piece, asked to be kept anonymous because their members have some very recognizable faces.  

This particular embodiment piece boasts the ability to embody Ishtar.  Ishtar is the Babylonian goddess equitable to Isis.  She is a goddess of magic, enlightenment, and wrath, among other things.  When you own this piece the magic allows you to embody Isis's presence.  This will allow you to know her mind and use her magic as if it were your own.  This means that you will be able to use her knowledge of ancient freeform magic to create your own powers and abilities that can be manifested into your own mortal reality.  

The magic that Ishtar will develop for you is unlimited, as her magical knowledge is infinite.  Her existence is the existence of magic. Also, she can grant you just about any type of enlightenment that you ask her for.  In this matter, you are only limited by your own imagination.  The last thing she will do for you has cast her wrath.  This is for those who have done wrong against you or are trying to compete with you directly and you need them to fall back.  The wrath of Ishtar is no joke.  They won't die, but they might wish they had.  Just be careful who you use it on and make sure you mean it.

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