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Black Pyramid Chamber of Transcendence

Black Pyramid Chamber of Transcendence

SKU: 22521071

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This piece is sterling with green stones.  We are not sure exactly what kind of stones they are, but they are a beautiful color green.  This piece is powerful and it has a story of its own.  Read below to find out how this piece will change your life!

Deedee was testing a piece that was made with the Emerald Tablets of Thoth.  This piece was called the Key to the Black Pyramid.  This is because the piece allowed the person who used it to enter what is known as the Black Pyramid.  The Black Pyramid was built by Amenemhat III and is one of 5 of the original 11 pyramids that still stand at Dahshur.  It turns out that this piece was a key that led to a secret chamber in the Black Pyramid.  it turns out that the chamber had secrets of its own-- such as the slaves that were used to build the pyramid face such horrible working conditions that they died.  

Their bodies were used to build the pyramid and their remnants exist within its walls.  Another secret is that the secret chamber of the Black Pyramid is a springboard to another, high-enlightened and altered state of existence that we call Transcendence.  Below is Deedee's experience with the original piece, as well as what we are offering as part of this listing.  

She stood in the center of the pyramid.  Countless bodies, both bone, and blood had been forged into the walls of the Black Pyramid.  She could feel the presence of them now.  The spiritual energy of the slaves who had been given their sweat and tears to build the pyramid cried out.  The energy lit up the room like an electric spark.  Strange sigils danced on the walls of the chamber of the Black Pyramid.  They told a story as if they were their own kind of Akashic Record.  The sigils made no sense to her, but their presence brought about a new experience.  

In the center of the chamber appeared a bright white light orb.  It grew in size until it was large enough for a human body to pass through-- sort of like a doorway.  She says she can't explain what the other side looked like.  What she has managed to communicate is that on the other side of the orb is a world that is entirely separate from our own.  It a world of collective existence.  There are many, but the many are one.  They exist as one collective conscious.  There's not pain.  There's no suffering.

in the realm, which doesn't have a name as of yet, is not a physical existence, but it is one of spiritual existence.  It is a place of transcendence.  In this place, time does not exist.  Rather, this place is the epicenter of all time.  All times collide and exist together.  on the other side, you automatically receive transcendence.  You automatically become part of the whole.  The whole is called the Light and it can never be extinguished, because the light is made up of the souls who have transcended in this realm and souls are immortal.  

As part of your transcendence, you receive the knowledge of all time-cycles and life-cycles.  This is because, in the transcended state, all things come to fruition.  all things exist as one and you will be able to see all things.  All of your lifecycles will merge into one and you will become one whole being that you were designed to be.  Your fragments of consciousness will become one consciousness and then that consciousness will become part of the collective consciousness.  You will be joined to millions of minds, millions of intelligent lifeforms, and millions of forms of knowledge.  The lifecycles of the universe will be open to you and in return you will offer up the knowledge of your many lifecycles.  it's called universal knowledge.  

She was eventually able to pass through the portal and come back into the Black Pyramid.  She then eventually left the pyramid, too.  However, when she returned she realized that her transcendence was not the only transcendence that had taken place.  The piece that had used to travel to the Black Pyramid-- the piece that was created from the Emerald Tablets, had also transcended.  Or, at least it had changed.  We worked with this piece for some time.  We have determined that this piece is the corporeal form of the spiritual knowledge that Deedee received when she visited the Light and the realm of transcendence.  

The ring depicts a serpent, which is the Ouroboros.  The Ouroboros is the depiction of eternal, immortal wisdom, which is what you will receive when you own this piece.  The green stones hole the energy within them.  When you wear this piece your mind will travel through the white light orb.  You will visit the Light and the realm of transcendence in astral form.  You will transcend, which will incorporate all of your lifecycles into one existence.  You will then exist as a whole, as described above.  All-time will become one and you will be able to know any lifetime or any lifecycle that you want to know.  All-knowledge will be yours for the taking.  You will be able to bring back any magic you want with you to Earth-- when you take this piece.  

You will only experience the transcendence and the Light when you are meditating with this piece.  Other times you can either wear the piece or not wear the piece.  It's up to you.  Any knowledge or magic that you gain while wearing this piece or impart upon yourself will become part of you.  You do not need to wear the piece to access this knowledge or magic.  Again, the acquisition of any type of magic is possible, as well as any form of knowledge.  This is complete transcendence into a full knowledge and a place where time simply stands still because all things exist all at once.  

I know that this seems trivial compared to the rest of the profound experience that this piece will bring, but we have also found that this piece brings wealth.  It brings wealth in many ways.  It will bring wealth in all the ways that you desire it, but it will also bring wealth in many unexpected and mysterious ways.  Honestly, we are not sure what triggers the wealth-grabbing ability of this piece, but does it really matter?  wealth is something to which you cannot say no!

One more thing that this piece will do for you.  It will connect you to the Illuminati Eye of All.  This a psychic connection to the universe that allows you to also see all and sense all things at once.  This means the presence of all magic, the presence of all beings, and the presence of all knowledge.  when you wear this piece it gives you a psychic awakening that will allow you to connect to the Eye of All. 

Through this third-eye awakening, you will be able to know things that you would have not known before.  It connects you to the lifecycles of the divine-- the gods and goddesses who existed in the world in ancient times, who have themselves achieved transcendence.
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