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Blowing up the biggest Orgasm

Blowing up the biggest Orgasm

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Opening the Kundalini.

This is a full blown bursting of energy using Tantric sex orgasms. Your orgasm will be so powerful that your screams will be heard by the neighbors. If you are a quiet one, you won’t be because you won’t be able to stop that train!

How does it feel?

It will feel like you are leaving your body and are floating but you are in a non stop orgasm. This is because the Kundalini is being fully activated. While floating between this world and another you can meet other sex partners that don’t touch you but the energy does. This becomes like taking three or four orgasms and wrapping them into one. Your hidden bits actually start to breathe on their own and while they ache you don’t mind because you have already reached such a highly spiritual level. This necklace you wear while doing your deed either solo or with someone will hold all that explosive orgasmic energy and reflect it back on you when needed. Just wear this while having your fun time. This does have directions so please ask.

  • What do you get?

    The orgasmic energy from this will funnel into your magical pieces, spells and conjures!

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