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Bone Relic of the Baptist

Bone Relic of the Baptist

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Simply put, this piece was rescued from the Vatican underground archive.  I guess the word rescue is a matter of opinion, but that's what we are doing, really.  If we don't rescue these pieces they will be stuffed into an abysmal room.  They'll stay there for years, decades, or even centuries before they are found by somebody looking over inventory.  This should not be the case.  These pieces are gifts from God to be used by humanity.  They've been taken prisoner, so we've liberated some of them through the years.  

This piece is especially powerful because it holds a small fragment of the bone of John the Baptist.  This is the man who baptized Jesus while he was on Earth.  This is the baptist that held such a rapport with the Holy Spirit that he was able to open up the Heavens allowing the Holy spirit to ascend upon Christ like a dove.  This is a pretty amazing story in and of itself, but this piece is a little bit more intense.  It seems in his spirit form, ohn's abilities have been bolstered.  

When you wear this piece you will begin to change the very first day you wear it.  This is a gradual change that you will receive.  You will need to wear this piece for 40 days and nights, in unison with the number of fasting days represented several times in the Bible.  Sometime after the 40th day wearing this piece you will be visited by the Holy Spirit.  This could be a direct visit.  It could be a vision.  It could be a dream.  When and where the Holy Spirit visits you is determined by how ready you are to receive what he is offering.  You must wear this piece (except for sleeping and showering) until the Holy Ghost appears to you in one of these ways.  

When he visits you, you will be receiving the baptism of the Holy Flame.  This relinquishes the hold that your 3rd Eye Chakra has on your mind.  Knowledge and the white light will spill forth as if a dam broke and you are being washed in divine presence.  You will be able to travel to Heaven at your will.  You will gain the ability to call forth the angels.  The magic and the powers of Heaven will flow through you.  The white light energies will allow you to create your own white light magic by thinking it into existence.  The divine baptism, the baptism of the Hoy Fire will be placed upon your presence. This will allow you to look into the Eye of God and share his consciousness, manifest his thoughts and abilities, his magic, and his powers.  This piece is amazing!

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