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Calix Monachis:  The Monks of the Grail

Calix Monachis: The Monks of the Grail

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This piece is a true merging of power.  I don't know how else to really describe it.  The power originates from 14th Century Europe amid the creation and the supposed destruction of the Knights Templar.  After the city of Jerusalem was felled to European forces, many Europeans decided to make the journey to visit the Holy Land.  The roads were dangerous for Christians to travel, so a group of "knights" rose to the occasion of protecting the roads these pilgrims would travel.  They first swore their oaths of protection at the spot where Jesus was crucified.  Hence, they became known as the Knights of the Temple, or Knights Templar.  

It did not take long for the organization to become a secret brotherhood of magic and mystique.  This happened much to the disdain of King Philip of France and Pope Clement V.  Philip had just organized France from a feudalism society into a centralized state and was on a power-crazed mission to rule the world.  Clement was his ally and leader of the Catholic Church.  Together, they could have created a society of their own, probably spanning most of the known world, but when snakes play they don't often play well together, but at the time it was kind of like we have a common enemy, so lets team up and get them.  They were both jealous of the amount of magical power the Knights had been able to amass in such a short period of time.

These two violent disgusting men sought the dismantling of the Knights Templar only for their selfish gain.  what they really sought was the power of a relic known as the Holy Grail.  I think you might have heard of it.  It's one of the most elusive relics to exist on Earth.  There have been books and movies made about it.  Many have searched, but all have failed to find the chalice known as the Holy Grail, which is the cup that Jesus drank from during the last supper, said to be able to grant anything that you ask for.  

Enter the Priory of Sion.  The Priory of Sion and the Knights Templar were of one unified front and their objective was not only to keep Christians safe but also to keep the magic they had learned from the greedy hands of the heavy hand that ruled them.  In a bid to hide the power of the Holy Grail, Jacque de Molay, the founder of the Knights sent to the preceptor of Normandy, Geoffroi de Charney on a road trip to hide the Holy Grail.  This road trip took the young preceptor to the Far East.  Here he entrusted the grail to a group of rural monks after showing them the powers that the grail truly has.  

As to not stir a commotion or have the French come to look for him, Georggroi did make it back to Europe where he was tried and persecuted, but at least the grail was safe.  in Asia, the monks who had the grail become know as Calix Monachis, or the Monks of the grail.  They sealed the magic inside of the Grail so that only those with pure intentions could use it.  Over the years magic of Cali Monachis has also been added to the Holy Grail.  The Grail has become a conduit of all sorts of powerful magic.  In the West, the Knight Templar never really died out they just went into hiding.  some of them also traveled to Asia where they received immortality.  

This piece was made by a modern-day member of the Calix Monachix.  This piece depicts a monk carrying the holy grail.  Yes, it's a bit exaggerated, but art and art can be like that sometimes.  This piece is all-powerful.  It is an antique ink well and candle holder.  When using the piece as a candle holder, it will grant miracles of all kinds.  All you have to do is light the candle and ask for the miracle.  Allow the candle to burn the whole way out and the miracle will be granted to you.  

When using this piece as an ink well, you will fill it with ink.  You will write down whatever you want to come and it will come to pass.  It will also bring magic to life for you.  For instance, you can use this piece to write your own destiny if you want to.  Write wealth into existence.  Write fame for yourself.  Write power and political superiority for yourself.  Literally, you can write anything into existence.  

As I said before this piece will also write magic into existence and it will come from a place of white light.  You can write different forms of magic, such as immortality, healing, transcendence, ascendence, time travel, or anything else you can think of into existence.  You can also write spells, incantations, magical prose or anything else that you write will come to life.  
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