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Catherine Medici's Ashes of Desire

Catherine Medici's Ashes of Desire

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Some people will do anything for fame, fortune, and wealth. while most people are willing to go to great lengths to acquire great wealth, some people will do the unspeakable in order to gain the wealth and the lifestyle that they want. This is the case in the tale that I am about to tell you.

Catherine de Medici might be most famous for her involvement with the Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre of 1572. However, her name alone suggests that she was born for wealth and power. I can tell you right now that the reason that she instigated the mass slaughter of Huguenots was for the bloodshed. when blood soaks the ground magic becomes more powerful.

That's not what we are here to discuss, though. Rather, we will be talking about Catherine's deformed devil-child. I'm not being metaphorical in the slightest, either. I'm talking about her rather deformed child named Clarissa Delacroix, born in 1539.

The rumors say that Clarissa Delacroix was the illegitimate child of Queen Catherine and her husband's (King Henry II of France) childhood friend, Richard Delacroix. According to these same rumors Clarissa was born with the same birthmark as her father.

Supposedly, the queen sent her daughter to Nostradamus' father who was a physician. He used different potions to fix the child's birthmark, but it left her horribly deformed. She was given to Nostradamus to be cared for who snuck her into the secret passageways of the castle to live. A whole bunch of drama ensues from there. It's an interesting story of murder and attempted murder and all kinds of other fun stuff.

What we are here to tell you is that the story about Clarissa being Richard Delacroix's child is malarkey. She isn't Richard's daughter, she is the daughter of Satan himself. What? Don't act so surprised. Catherine's last name is Medici. It should come as no surprise that she would do what she had to in order to make sure she got what she wanted.

In the case of Catherine de Medici, getting what she wanted was another matter. It involved Satanic magic and giving the Devil what he wanted. His desire was a new bloodline on Earth. Thus, Catherine partook in a black magic sexual ritual. The devil was summoned and he took human form. He copulated Catherine seven ways to Sunday and Clarissa was the result.

The mark that she and Nostradamus were trying to cover up was not the birthmark of Richard Delacroix. It was the Mark of the Beast. To remove the mark, Nostradamus' father didn't use potions. Instead, he used poison and acid. As hard as he tried to murder the child, it ws no use because it was satans own spawn. Who could defeat Satan? Unless you are Michael or you are under the influence of God's divine presence, the answer is nobody.

At the end of it all, he removed the Mark of the beast, leaving the child deformed. Her family suspected that she had died, but that wasn't the case. I told you a bit ago about Nostrodamus, who took pity on the child and allowed her to live in the secret passageways of the castle.

While in the castle, she played quite a role in the shaping of the future of Europe. She even saved Mary of Scots when Catherine sent somebody to rape her. She attempted to drown her brothers. She was eventually put to death to fulfill Nostradamus' prophecy that Catherine de Medici's firstborn child would suffer an untimely death. Clarissa was technically her first child, so it fit the bill.

As a consequence of all these shenanigans, Satan himself fathered a royal bloodline. They say that Clarissa had no descendants of her own. Then again, she spent so many years in isolation, who couldn't really know for certain. Modern-day Satanists believe that Clarissa was the answer to the Christ bloodline. They called her the Dark Regent.

What we are offering honestly has nothing to do with Clarissa. It has to do with Catherine and the reward that she received for allowing the Devil to impregnate her in the first place. Her price was an implement that could grant her every desire, regardless of what they were. They gave her a small silver box into which she was to place her ashes of desire.

Ashes of desire are simple to comprehend. She was to write down what it was she desired. Then, she was to burn the paper and place the ashes into the box. This would communicate to the Dark Lord what she wanted. Ironically, her desires would then be granted by the powers of God that Satan still carries with him from the fall.

I only bring that part up, because somebody out there is going to point a judgey little finger and say, "BLACK MAGIC, BLACK MAGIC!!" It's actually dual magic. Yes, it was granted its magic from a dark source, but lots of white light magic is recovered in dark places and vice versa. This piece is more intention magic than anything if I'm being technical.

Catherine de Medici's magic box was passed down along the royal bloodline of France. It has taken many forms and has been transferred into many new pieces. This box is the current form that it takes, made with the original silver of Catherine's piece. This piece is an antique and is sterling silver, not pure silver like the original. On the top of the container, you will see the initials CMS. They obviously stand for the original Catherine Medici. The S stands for Sax-Coburg and Gotha.

This was the name of the Royal family of the UK until George V changed it in 1917 due to general public anti-German sentiment. Either way, they were somehow involved later on down the line, which should also come as no surprise. The British royal family has their hands in every pot possible.

This piece is as powerful as ever. It has not waned in power because it was transferred to a different container. In fact, if anything it has grown in power and efficiency and has been refreshed. You will use this piece the way that I described above, as Catherine used the original.

We've detached any and all Satanic ties this piece has. When you submit your Ashes of Desire, they will be received by the universe instead of Satan. The magic will be received by the universe. What you have asked for will be manifested by the universe, which is essentially God as the universe exists within Him.

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