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Come and Get Your Immortal Love

Come and Get Your Immortal Love

SKU: 8132129

This piece is ia gorgeous sterling silver ring.  

This piece holds holy magic called the divine link.  There are many people in history who have received the divine link-- Abraham and Sarah, Rachel and Isaac, even Jesus himself and Mary Magdalene.  The divine link occurs when you have so much love in your heart for somebody that they spiritually become part of who you are.  You become linked to them spending so much time together.  Even when you're separated it feels like they are there-- that's because they are.  

This magic will allow you to remain linked, even well into the afterlife.  It will allow you to become linked while still on Earth to the one ykkkou love and carry this connection into the afterlife that will allow the pair of you to stay bonded  together for eternity.
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