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Creating the Divine

Creating the Divine

SKU: 7182102


We are offering this piece ad, to my knowledge, we have never offered a piece like this before.  If I'm being honest, there really isn't a whole lot to say about the piece other than its incredibly powerful.  We have been working with this piece for about 5 years now and we finally figured out exactly what this piece is used for.  Now, we are obsessed with it, because it holds a piece that was recovered from a secret pyramid called the pyramid of Thoth in Khemenu, his most supporting city of ancient times.  

To really understand this piece you must understand the pivotal role that Thoth played in the Egyptian pantheon.  He was the mediator between gods.  Therefore, he was accommodating other gods ad their requests.  He was stuck in the middle of battles between good and evil constantly having to recreate reality to accommodate different situations.  However, his most pivotal role was his role in creation ad the fact that he created 5 extra five days of the year for Nut and Geb to procreate and create more gods and goddesses.

Enter the powers of this piece.  this piece has been made using a three-way collaborative magic.  it holds the procreation magic of both Nut and Geb.  Thoth has created this piece by his own hand as a realm for Nut and Geb to procreate.  Hence, when you own this piece you are gaining the exclusive ability to create your own gods and goddesses.   you will name them, you will grant them power, they will be yours to command.  

This piece is extremely powerful because it essentially allows you to create your own pantheon of gods and goddesses dedicated to their own powers.  As I said, I don't think that we've ever offered something like this before.  It is definitely a unique type of power.  

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