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Divine and Extreme Wealth of the Holy Trinity

Divine and Extreme Wealth of the Holy Trinity

SKU: 7262134

This piece is a solid sterling money clip. 

We have two particular pieces that bring extreme wealth that we have been patiently waiting to add to the website.  These pieces have been a year or more in the making for us, but they are much older.  We had to wait several months to receive the pieces themselves.  Then, we had to spend several months testing them.  We had to make sure that these pieces were as powerful as the person that we got them from said they were.  Our evidence is conclusive, so I will tell the stories of these pieces as they were told to us.  They are both money clips and they are both used the same way, but they both have very different stories.  They were originally collected by a wealthy alchemist who collects all sorts of wealth items, but only the most powerful that he can find.  He rarely gets rid of these types of items, but we had something to offer him in exchange that he needed-- a piece that would allow him to break a soul contract that he had made with a Phoenician merchant in ancient times.  

Here’s the second of the two money clips.  I’ll just go ahead and get this out of the way from the start.  This money clip is more powerful than the other one.  That’s because the wealth was not created or sought out.  Rather, it lives innately within the silver that was used to create it.  I don’t have to tell you the story of Satan’s fall, because you already know.  What I will tell you is that during his fall, parts of his crown fell to Earth.  This included stones that had gotten dislodged from his crown.  We have had a few pieces that have included such stones, but this piece contains the very silver of Lucifer’s crown.  It was the driving force behind his beauty and splendor.  It was the driving force behind his wealth!    

This silver was later recovered by King Solomon who used it to begin his ascent to becoming arguably the richest man who has ever lived.  The silver was later used to decorate parts of the First Temple of Jerusalem, the First Temple of Solomon.  After all, where better to have silver from the hand of God.  It was later stripped from the Temple and placed into the Ark of the Covenant.  It was carried around in the Ark for a few thousand years gaining and becoming, even more, concentrated in the power that it has to offer, which is nothing but pure, divine, wealth.

This piece was created by the Jesuits using that same silver,   They somehow managed to recover it and have it forged into this piece.  They then had it stolen from them.  It has seen the hands of many people throughout history, most of who went on to become billionaires.  Like who?  Jakob Fugger in the 1500s.  It has belonged to the Vanderbilts, the Asters, the Rothschilds, and even the royal family of England at one point.  

There are three notches on this piece, each of which represents a different faction of the Holy Spirit-- the father, the son, and the holy ghost.  Together, the three in one will open up a flood of white light energy that will manifest divine and extreme wealth-- more powerful than any wealth magic you have ever experienced.
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