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Djinn-a-Million 2

Djinn-a-Million 2

SKU: 4721100
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This piece a Sterling silver man's ring, size 11.  It holds the exact same powers as the original listing 

When presenting this piece I must be very cautious about how I present it.  We call this piece Dinn-A-Million ad we wilT
 get into the reasoning behind that name in just a bit.  First, I want to let you know that this piece has been traded among the leading billionaires in the world.  Among them are popular people that such as the CEO of the company we will call the "Fruit Company".  Then, there is the CEO, or should we say former CEO, of the "Rainforest Company".  There is the CEO of the company who has a book with many faces.  Then, there is the "bird company."

Not to mention many politicians and celebrities have owned this piece as well.  I know what some of you will think.  You'll think, "prove it, and while I'd love to be able to prove it to you, unfortunately, I cannot.  The proof is in the pudding and the pudding won't come until you've used the  wealth powers that are in this piece.  The piece itself is an authentic uncut African Opal.  It comes from a secret pyramid that not many people know about.  There is a whole process that you have to do to get there.  It includes magic, which is primarily the reason why people don't know about it.  What I will tell you is that the pyramid is located in what is now Libya  It is located not that far from the Seba Oasis in Libya. T

Not much is known about ancient Libya, including the kingdom's exact boundaries.  In fact, to ancient Grecians, Libya was one of the three known continents, which included Asia, Europe, and Libya at the time.  The rulers in Libya were strong and powerful as much as they were mysterious and reserved.  As such, not much is known about their ancient magic, but what we know is that the magic was pretty abundant in this land and evidently they also stored their magic in pyramids as the Egyptians did.  Were they visited by the ancient visitors the Egyptians were?  We don't know.  What we do know is that this ancient kingdom was as much into djinn as the rest o the world is.

In fact, the Libyans took their magic with djinn to a whole new level.  The whole purpose of the hidden pyramid in the desert that I'm telling you about was to hide the personal magic of the ancient kings and rulers of Libya.  Among the magic that was hidden, there is the wealth djinn of the ancient rulers.  In those days Libya was a beautiful and rich kingdom.  Those days have clearly gone by the wayside, but that doesn't mean that the magic of the djinn that granted that for them has.  The magic just hasn't been used for a long time.  It has been lying dormant.  

We call this piece Djinn-A-Million.  The reason we call it that is because it houses extreme, extreme wealth power.  It boasts the presence of one of the most powerful wealthy djinn in the hidden Libyan pyramid.  It was first resurrected from the pyramid during a blood ritual that took place in California.  Honestly, we aren't sure if this was the Bohemian Grove or if it was a different place, perhaps in Hollywood.  We have picked up energies from the piece tracing back to California and that is all we really know.  It could have been Silicon Valley for all we know, given the number of tech giants that have used this piece to solidify their success.  What we know do know is that to get the djinn summoned in this piece, they needed an authentic element from Africa.  The uncut opal is what was chosen.  

When you wear this piece the Djinn-a-Million will work on your behalf.  You will need to wear this piece for a minimum of 14 days to begin working.  Once it has begun working, the wealth will roll in slowly kind of like a morning tide.  Your finances and assets will begin to swell.  You will experience success in all that you do.  You will see businesses begin to take off.  You will gain success and good returns on your investments.  This piece is the ultimate wealth piece that has served some of the richest people and the most famous people in the world.  If ever there was a wealth piece to own, this is the one you want.  All you have to do for this piece to work is wear it.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.
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