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Djinn Pendulum

Djinn Pendulum

SKU: 3242129


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The piece that you see is a djinn pendulum.  It has been created with a spell that was found encrypted into the Song of Solomon, a book in the Bible that was written by Israel's most famous king and the richest man in history!  This pendulum is a dual-core piece and holds roots in both this realm and the djinn realm.  When you are using this piece you are asking questions and djinn from a parallel dimension will be answering you.  They are highly intelligent beings that can answer any question you ask, but remember this is a pendulum, so they have to be yes or no questions.  The best part about this piece is that the more you use your pendulum the more familiar you will become with your magic.  You can then use it to communicate with the djinn from the djinn realm to ask them to grant you things.  You can ask for anything from wealth to love to spiritual guidance, etc. 
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