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Egyptian Hall of Shadows

Egyptian Hall of Shadows

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If you are familiar with ancient Egypt at all then you will know that the Pharaohs were considered divine entities.  Since they were divine rulers they were responsible for something that is called Maat.  Maat is the concept of harmony and balance.  In the case of the Pharaohs that harmony and balance come through the responsibility of balancing the existence of the divine with the existence of the mortal.  It also came via the responsibility of balancing the magic on Earth with the magic that can be found in Aaru.  

Essentially what this means is that the Pharaoh was a divine vehicle through which magic was passed onto the world.  Thus, the Pharaoh was well-versed in all sorts of knowledge and magic.  In fact, he had to know pretty much all of it.  it's kind of hard to regulate something that you don't know.  The Pharaoh also had a personal relationship with each of the gods and goddesses of the Pantheon.  When I say personal, I mean that the Pharaoh was able to take on the personal characteristics of the gods and goddesses.  This included everything from their physical appearance to the ability to manifest their powers and their magic.  

On top of all that I have told you, each Pharaoh was born with a specific and unique magical ability.  This is referred to as the Divine Touch.  It also includes female Pharaohs as well as males.  The Pharaoh would manifest this hidden, innate power during their coming of age and it would stay with them until they died.  Seldom was this power or ability a common knowledge, as it was considered a personal gift from the gods to be considered sacred.  Thus, each Pharaoh was a powerful vessel of magic, a work of magical art created by the gods to be manifested on Earth to help rule their people.  But what happened to this knowledge after the death of the Pharaoh?  

There are five parts to each person's soul.  You can look those up if you want, but the part of the soul that this piece is concerned with is called the sheut.  This word means shadow and is often referred to as the "other you".  The shadow is you, but in a realm apart.  It mirrors you whenever you are in the presence of light, which is a gift from the gods.  It is your spiritual essence that carries a replica of everything that you ever were.  It holds all your knowledge.  It holds all your life energy.  It is essentially a backup version of yourself that lingers on after your death.

Having told you that, there is a place in the pyramid called the Hall of Sheut-- the Hall of Shadows.  In this place, the Sheut of each Pharaoh has been conjured into a stone or jewel to be preserved.  There were many Pharaohs so these jewels were very small, but it doesn't take much space to house the Sheut.  In fact in the center of the sheut was a stone called the sheut stone, or the Shadow Stone.  The shadow stone holds the sheut of every single Pharaoh that has ever sat upon the throne.  Deedee and I were able to use a piece that let us explore the pyramids and that is how we found the Hall of Shadows.  We had heard of it before but this time actually experienced it.  

We didn't come back empty-handed.  We came back with a chip off the old Shadow Stone.  We had it formed into this ring.  This ring is 10k white gold with a dazzling blue stone.  The piece is beautiful, but what it will do for you is even more incredible.  This piece will give you access to the Sheut of every single Pharaoh that has ever sat upon Egypt's throne.  This will give you access to their knowledge.  It will give you access to their consciousness.  It will also give you access to that one special magic that is put inside each Pharaoh at birth.  These forms of magic vary.  Remote access to the pyramid is one of them.  Seeing through the Eye of the Sphinx is another.  One will give you the secret divine knowledge of all ancient glyphs.  One allows you to travel to Aaru and experience Egyptian Heaven.  One gives you the secret to Necromancy to be able to call upon the dead.  

There's still more.  Along with all that has been given to you, you will also be given on-demand access to the Egyptian Pantheon of gods.  This allows you to access their magic and their abilities.  You will gain access to Hathor and Isis.  You will gain access to Horus and Amun-Ra.  These are the gods that govern magic and creation itself, who will grant you all that you are curious to receive.  They will help you manifest any type of magic or create the magic that you want to create.
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