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Elevated by the Aten

Elevated by the Aten

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There are many things that the Egyptian Sun Disc, called the Aten, represents.  To some, it represents a singular, almighty god.  For some, it is as simple as the symbolism of the Sun.  However, there is something far more powerful than has been hidden in the Aten than who most people will ever know.  

For anybody who might not know what the Aten is, it is the depiction of the sun god, as made popular by Pharaoh Akhenaten and his wife, Nefertiti.  Their reign in Egypt saw radical changes in Egyptian religion and worship.  In the years preceding Akehnthen’s rise to power, Egypt was a polytheistic religion, meaning they worshipped many different gods for a multitude of purposes.  

However, Akhenaten believed that the all-powerful God-- a single format God-- should be worshipped instead of the many gods that were being worshipped at the time.  This is because Akhenaten had his own experience in the pyramids, which goes unknown save for two documents that were created based on a secret set of Tablets that were carved by Akhenaten during his stay in what he describes as a great cosmic pyramid at the center of the universe.  

While he was in the pyramid at the center of the universe, Akhenaten was given enlightenment, which he describes as the Gift of the Aten.  Again, the Aten is the sun disc that is symbolic of the sun god and moreover, the sun itself.  So, then what is the sun?  It is a conglomeration and condensed form of all the knowledge in our galaxy.  It sits at the center of our galaxy as a centrifugal and ultimate force that keeps our galaxy glued together.  It is the “all-seeing eye” of existence.  

As the stars and the heavenly bodies orbit the sun, it receives all the knowledge as it “watches” the movements and the signs of the stars the messages that are hidden within.  It then repeated this magic back into the universe.  The gift of the Aten that lives in the great pyramid at the center of the universe is the enlightenment of the universe itself.  This includes all the knowledge you could possibly want, including the knowledge of all magic and magical abilities.  It includes the knowledge of being able to summon powerful entities for their wisdom and their abilities.  It includes the ability to read the stars and to harness the power of their energies.  It includes the ability to live outside of your own body, in astral form, where you will be free and you will be able to travel among light and magic.  It includes all of these things.  

So, when Akhenaten was attempting to switch Egypt over to a “one god” religious system, what he was really trying to do was convert it to an all-inclusive religious system, but people are stubborn and they felt threatened by this and wanted to go back to their original ways.  This is fine because Akhenaten was never trying to delegitimize those gods and goddesses in the first place.  They exist and they are powerful.  He was merely trying to share a shortcut, which is now going to be shared with you, thousands of years later.  This is the Aten.  This is the power of the universe at your fingertips.  

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