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Elizabethan Conjuring Bowl

Elizabethan Conjuring Bowl

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Dee Dee.


    This bowl is an original possession of a group of people who are collectively known as the Elizabethan Society for the Procurement of Magic, ESPM for short. They are a group of magicians, some of them immortal, who preserve the magic of Queen Elizabeth, the Virgin Queen, who has a great fascination with all sorts of magic. She had a secret court that was specifically for the development of her magic. Then again, in those days most of the rulers did. They couldn't necessarily endorse any type of magic, but they all had a secret court that was tasked with the creation of magic specifically designed for their needs.

    The fact that the Virgin Queen had a secret magical court should have come as no shock. It was Elizabeth, after all, who commissioned John Dee to be her personal court astrologer. It was also under her instruction that John Dee, with the help of his assistant Edward Kelley, discovered the divine Enochian language. The queen was ardent about the development of her magic. She was ardent about communication with realms and worlds that existed separately from her own. She had an inquisitive mind and she needed answers.

    The Queen also had an itch to scratch when it came to conjuring entities. Namely, she had a desire to conjure the spirits of the dead monarchs. She would regularly hold council with them, asking them their opinions on how she should reign over her kingdom. That wasn't the only conjuration she was interested in, though. They say curiosity killed the cat, but it is a wonder that it didn't also kill the queen.

    The Queen's unquenchable thirst for magic and power drove her to employ an African spiritist to develop means by which she could conjure any type of entity or creature that she desired. It wasn't a slave, either. I only mention this because I know in this day and age everyone is too willing to scream "racism". That wasn't the case at all. The African that she employed was a free man and there were as many as 200 such free persons from Africa under Elizabethan rule. Many of them converted to Christianity, but some of them remained members of their old religion. In other words, he wasn't forced into doing anything.

    The queen quite admired the man for his ability to develop powerful, magical relics. He used his ancient knowledge of magic that was passed down from his ancestors. It involved facets of Yoruban magic, but it included many other elements. His magic was quite different from anything the queen has experienced. Even the magic of John Dee- alchemy and white light spiritism- had become almost commonplace behind closed doors.

    Rather, the magic of Guy (the name of the African magician sought out by the queen) had a very different method of doing things. While his magic was dark per se, it had a mysterious way of getting things done. It employed the powers of deities, divinities, and forces that were never before seen by the queen. To use modern terminology, the queen was "living for it." She loved it so much that she had Guyfor make her a relic that she could use to conjure whatever soul, creature, entity, or being that she wanted to contact on a whim.

    The result was a piece that defied norms. It went above and beyond. It allowed the queen to conjure the presence of whomever she wanted to. Sure she could conjure the presence of her lat relatives and other previous rulers of England. This piece went further, though. She was able to conjure angels, demons, fairies, elves, dragons in the spiritual form, and a whole slew of other creatures that were common to the English in those times.

    However, this piece also allowed her to conjure unconventional entities. For an instant she was able to conjure the spirit form of the Egyptian Sphinx. he was able to conjure a spiritual manifestation of the Pyramids. SHe successfully conjured an extraterrestrial spirit, the spirit of a vampire, a djinn, a heaven hound, all 12 of the Apostles, the prophet Daniel, King Solomon, and others. Twice it even allowed her to conjure the presence of God.

    The bowl itself was designed out of sterling silver and pure gold. The legs for the bowl were three entities called the Immortal Callers. They are a triad of very powerful interdimensional beings that can bring forth any presence you are seeking to communicate with. Honestly, I'm not sure where they received their authority to be able to do this, or what power has been vested into them. What I know is that the Queen used her bowl to conjure the presence of many from which she was able to collect an entire arsenal of supernatural powers and magic.

    The bowl we have that was developed by the ESPM is not the original that was created for the queen. This is a newer version, but it is still old for our time. Our bowl is made entirely of sterling, no gold. It still has the presence of the Immortal Callers. Otherwise, it would not work. The conjuring bowl is tried and tested. It is foolproof and very powerful. We have not seen a more powerful conjuring bowl in all of the years collecting. It will allow you to call forth whatever presence you want for whatever purpose you want. This piece can even conjure up magic in a spiritual form that will then be added to your DNA. It can materialize anything that you want into a spiritual form so you can communicate with it.

    What do I mean by this? Say you want to communicate with the Cosmos. This bowl will conjure the Cosmos, give it a spiritual form and allow you to communicate with it. The only entity that can be conjured, but cannot be told what to do is God. This is for obvious reasons. During testing, we even used this piece to conjure the constellation, Orion. It was given a spiritual, male form. We were able to sit down and have a conversation with Orion during which many secrets of the universe were revealed. The only thing limiting you when using this piece is your imagination. If you can think of it, this piece can conjure it and put a form to it.

    Specific instructions on how to use this piece will be given to the purchaser. Simply email and ask for them.


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