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Etruscan Wizard Ring

Etruscan Wizard Ring

SKU: 3242116


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Etruscan magic is ancient.  The people who formed Etruscan magic are even more ancient than that.  This piece is a fetish piece that holds the spirit of an Etruscan wizard.  He speaks many languages because he's picked them up over the years.  English is one of them.  He tried to tell me what his name was but I couldn't get it, so I've just been calling him Sammy and he doesn't seem to mind.  
 when you wear this piece you will experience a bond to Sammy.  Sammy's powers are insane.  I'm not going to lie and say that he has the ability to grant you anything you want.  However, his magic goes a long way!  He can grant simple things like wealth, love, spiritual and energy healing, etc.  He can also grant more involve things such as reality.                                                                                          
Additionally, when you receive this piece you will notice that the wizard is very territorial.  He will not only protect you, but he will also protect your home.  He will bring wealth and balance to your home.  It will clear your house of evil and refuse evil entry into your house in the future.  

The last thing, Sammy is a master caster.  He can cast any spell that you ask of him.  Spells of wealth, love, health, youthfulness, etc.  Simply wear this piece to communicate with Sammy, tell him what you want, and consider it done.  
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