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Ex Oriente Lux: Hidden Secrets of the Grand Architect

Ex Oriente Lux: Hidden Secrets of the Grand Architect

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Dee Dee

"Ex Oriente Lux" is a curious little phrase that translates to English as "from the East comes light." Of course, you could go the conventional route and say that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. Read with esotericism in mind, the phrase sudden means something else entirely. rest. It becomes less of a phrase and more of a mantra that is spoken by those who adhere to the principles of the Far East.

The piece that we are offering was acquired from the underground auction, but before it found its way to the UA, it was the possession of a tiny Masonic Lodge that you would not even know existed. It's called the Lodge of Canova. It is not officially recognized by modern organized Freemasonry, but when you have magic that is this powerful you don't have to be recognized by anybody but yourself.

The Lodge of Canova was named for a sculptor of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, Antonio Canova. There is plenty of information on his artistic works, but we are going to concentrate on his contributions to the metaphysical. Canova was obsessed with magic, having joined the Freemasons at a very young age. We're not sure how young they allowed people to join, but our research indicates that Canova's first celebrated work of art comes from when Canova was just nine years old.

By the time he was in his prime Antonio was employed by very famous, influential people and is considered the greatest sculptor of his time. In the presence of very few, his true talents came to life. Under the guidance of his Masonic mentor, which was also his grandfather, Canova learned how to animate the sculptures that he created. He was able to give them a life and identity of their own.

In order to do this, Canova accessed a power that is called the Eternal East. The Eternal East is where the wisdom of the universe is kept. It is where the knowledge of the Grand Architect-- the supreme deity of Freemasonry-- is kept. Most of the time, in order to access the Eternal East one must have died. It is said that Freemasons were able to guide their souls in death and the ultimate goal in the afterlife was to travel to the Eternal East to acquire the aforementioned knowledge.

However, there was something inside of Canova that, by working through the Degrees of Freemasonry, he was able to connect to the Eternal East in his human form. I don't know if this was due to spiritual awakening or if he was simply born with the ability and honed in on it as a result of his Masonic involvements. Either way, he was able to bring life to his sculptures. The life he brought didn't allow his sculptures to get up and move around. Instead, it gave them wisdom and secrets of the universe that could then be conveyed to their owners.

The sculptures did very many things for their owners. They revealed many ancient secrets and forms of wisdom and knowledge. However, I'm not going to get into all that right now. While these were all incredible happenings, the piece that we are offering focuses on something equally as impressive. It is the tomb of Antonio Canova, inside which the heart of the Italian sculptor has been enshrined. The tomb is placed in the Frari Church, which contains other notable tombs, but Canova's is decidedly more unique than any that exists there.

His tomb is a pyramid. It is ornated by many statues and was a project that was begun by Canova while he was still alive. These statues each hold a magical power of their own that is brought to life by the spiritual presence of Canova's heart.

There is an angel with wings who is the custodian of the soul that is passed to the sky. There is a sleeping lion with a scroll, which denotes the wisdom and knowledge that Canova has taken with him to the afterlife. There is another winged figure aside from a young figure with a flame. The winged figure symbolizes death and transformation, while the young figure that carries the flame symbolized the eternal, spiritual immortality that was given to Canova. The two women are said to represent hope and charity, but in actuality, they represent wealth and abundance.

The pyramid itself represents the design of the Grand Architect. It represents the Eternal East and the wisdom that Canova possessed during his lifetime. He didn't just possess this knowledge, but he shared it with others. It is the ancient, secretive knowledge of magic that has been sought and harbored by Freemasons and other secret societies before them. This magic includes separating the spiritual from the physical to a degree of enlightenment where the individual can cut the astral cord. In doing so, they exist in a perpetual state of enlightenment, whereby the knowledge of God becomes their own knowledge. They can see through God's Eye. They know what God knows. They can feel what God feels.

This piece holds energies from the Tomb of Canova. It is a necklace with sterling silver and gold chunks. The gold is higher than 24k. The necklace represents the esoteric wings that carried Canova to the Eternal East where he received his immortal transformation of knowledge. When you use this piece, it will bridge the gap between your mortal existence and the nature of divinity. This piece will not give you a transformation, but it will deliver the knowledge of the Eternal East to you. This is the knowledge of the Grand Architect. This is the ability to know all that knows and to see the universe through his eyes.

By using this piece you grow exponentially in power and magical ability. Your soul will be elevated and enlightened. Your mind will in unison with the Grand Architect and you see through the Eye of Eternal Wisdom. This will allow you to acquire all the knowledge that you want. It will allow you to know all things and for all secrets of the universe to be revealed to you. It will allow you to become a master of all magic with the ability to use the magic of the Grand Architect or create your own.

Again, this is not a transformation piece, but you will receive an elevation of the mind. You will transcend other human entities and you will be able to control the power and knowledge of the Eternal East.

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