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Exchanging of Souls

Exchanging of Souls

SKU: 7262135


This piece is one for the books.  Just when you thought you saw it all, something like this comes along.  This piece contains ancient magic-- Egyptian necromancy and Anubian Magic to be specific.  It is practiced by a group of magicians that have managed to harness the powers of the ancient death rites of Egyptian funerary rituals.  This piece is directly related to the concept of the Egyptian soul and the fact that it is constructed of three separate parts.  

The three parts of the Egyptian soul are the Ka, the Ba, and the Akh.  The Ka is said to be the spiritual double of the person or the lifeforce of existence.  The Ba is represented in physical form as a human-headed bird that departs from the body upon death.  The face of Ba is the exact likeness of the living face.  Then, there is the Akh.  The Akh, which is the essence of Re.  This is the light that exists within all.  Upon death, we are transfigured and return to the light.  The Re exists as one entity, but many different entities-- in other words a universal knowledge.  

The group that we got this piece from calls themselves the Masters of Ba.  This is the part of the soul that they focus on because it is the only part of the soul that they can pull out of others without wholly killing them and sending them into a state of transfiguration to where they will not be able to re-enter their deceased body.  I was actually present for one of their “meetings” if that is what you want to call them.  There are many Masters of Ba, but only 4 to 6 of them show up to one meeting because as you will see in just a second, things can get a bit crazy.  

During the ritual they call upon Anubis, who is the god that acts as the door between the living and the dead, to sanctify their ritual.  They all sit on the floor in a meditative state and as they do their bodies start to tremble.  Out of their mouths comes a creature just like what I described above, except it didn’t really look like a bird to me.  It looked more like a metaphysical, white light tadpole.  An energy force with a face that looked exactly like their own came out of their bodies and then re-entered a new one.  This is called the Exchange of Ba.  

Ba is not the only thing that the Masters of ba are masters of.  They are pretty much masters of just about every kind of magic that you can think of.  They are diversified in what they practice-- Kabbalah, Dambala, Voodoo, Alchemy, Gnosticism, Celtic Magic, Spell Craft, Witchcraft, Dark Magic, Light Magic, Vampirism, Shapeshifting, Old World Magic, Gaelic Magic, Celestial Magic, Zodiac Magic, ORiental Magic, etc.  I mean the type of knowledge that these people are pretty much inclusive of ust about anything you can think of.  

Hence, they do the Exchange of Ba.  The Ba of each of the othe remembers in their virtual subsequently travels to each of the other bodies before it finds itself once again in its homebody.  When the Other Ba enters their body, they receive the whole knowledge of that Ba before it enters the body of another person.  So, when they leave the Exchange of Ba they leave with the knowledge they came with, lus the knowledge of each of th members in the exchange of Ba.  

So, that’s what this piece allows you to do.  You will see that this piece looks like a pharaoh witha foot coming out of his mouth and holding up three fingers.  This is representative of the fact that the soul is three entities in one also that Ba comes in and out of the body during th Exchange of Ba.  

This piece has been empowered and stores the presence of over 100 Ba.  You don’t have to do any type of ritual, but when you use this piece the knowledge of the 100 Ba will be delivered to you.  You will be infused with the knowledge of the 10) Ba, like a tea bag steeping in the water  You will receive a multitude of magic from the 100 Ba.  I’m not going to list them all, or we’d be here all day, but generally speaking, they are all types of magics including but limited to what I have listed above.  This piece is sterling silver and it is very, very powerful. 

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