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Extreme Sumerian Wealth

Extreme Sumerian Wealth

SKU: 4202101

This ring is sterling silver. 

We don’t have much information on this piece other than the fact that we have it and that it works.  We have tested this piece ourselves and conclude that it works.  The magic in this piece comes from ancient Sumeria and has been originated by the group of otherworldly gods known as the Annunakl.  Among the many gifts that they brought to the Earth was the ability to grant wealth and prosperity.  

The original piece from which the powers in this piece derived from was a clay tablet that was found in one of those clay jars that the Sumerians are famous for.  On top of the jar was an inscription that read something about cracking opening the gate to wealth. And that’s exactly what this piece will do for you when you wear it.  In regards to types and kinds of wealth, this piece summons any and all wealth that your need or want.  Simply wear the piece, connect with the power at hand, and then mentally project the kind of wealth that you are looking for.  It ill then be granted to you.  

This piece has been used in certain secret societies and among influential leaders for decades.  We had one of our testers used this piece and he wouldn’t say exactly how much wealth this piece had granted him, but   he had enough money to pay off his house and pay his car off!  Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity for wealth!
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