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Financial Sorcery, Midas Touch

Financial Sorcery, Midas Touch

SKU: 21322204

Financial Sorcery, The Midas Touch

Many wealth items can be hard to work with because of the desperation energy. That’s not the case with this piece. It doesn’t matter what your energy is unless it’s so dark you block the sun. I have only met a few people like that and I bet none of them are you. One guy was so dark and wanted nothing but dark that he couldn’t get anywhere. Let me tell you about this piece.

I want to call it a miracle but people think those are fast. This piece isn’t fast but it begins working right away. This isn’t just about wealth but about abundance and lifestyle change. This slowly builds to where you can do what you want and go where you want. For the average person with little ambition, that is what it will do. For someone who has high expectations ALONG with ambition, you will be extremely wealthy. When I say that I’m talking about you can make a few million a year, successfully. Again, no ambition and you will be more than comfortable, well off but you won’t walk the red carpet. You won’t rub elbows with the rich and snotty. If you don’t care about that, fine. If you do, fine. Either way this is a lifestyle change. There are no candles to burn or spells to say. You just place it on after washing your hands. You take care in placing it on your wrist, it will work! People often ask, will I feel anything? I don’t know why people think they are going to feel anything. That’s for the movies. This is real life. However, yes, you will feel this one. This is a very large sterling silver bracelet with golden color stones. This will fit any size wrist. If it’s to big, that’s okay. You only need to slip it on after washing your hands. You will want to place it on a few minutes every morning before leaving your home. You of course can wear it all day long but if it’s big, you’re still good.

Here’s an example. Right now I’m working with someone on building an empire. They honestly have no business sense. To them everything must be lavish and oozing wealth. That’s not how things are done. Sometimes I want to pull my hair out. I also know when they are lying but I don’t say anything, I just keep it zipped. The road to extreme wealth is slow but you can get there if you are lucky. Now honestly, most people never get there but with this you can. There is only one fast way to wealth and that’s the stock market at high risk or the lottery. None are great options, this is. This is another living piece. This doesn’t mean it holds a spirit because it doesn’t. When I got this in Florida I turned around and this little golden man stood next to me. He only came up to my waist and had weird feet. I should say weird shoes. I don’t know what his feet looked like. He said to me that he saw I got his piece. I said it was yours? I asked because it looked way to big to fit such a little man! All he did was laugh. He wasn’t a bad soul, I could tell. He turned around to leave and I had to go to the bathroom. When I turned he told me everyone would have the most amazing luck. Sounds good right? All of a sudden he was talk with golden hands. That’s why I call it the Midas Touch.

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