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Find Your Inner Feminine

Find Your Inner Feminine

SKU: 5262119


We have a lot of pieces that are about helping men find their macho, helping them become more manly, or helping them with a boost to their manhood.  Let's face it, though.  Some ladies aren't that dainty.  And that's okay because it's all in the upbringing.  We know this one lady that we called Reptar.  If you don't know Reptar he is the dinosaur that knocks down buildings on the kids' show the Rugrats.  He grunts and makes sounds-- and so does the lady that we call Reptar.  It's almost as if her DNA never left the Neanderthal Period. 
Either way, this piece holds a feminine energy and will help you find your inner feminine.  It will help you become more ladylike, caring, nurturing, and yes-- it will help you become better in the bedroom-- because if you can take care of your man at home, he won't go looking for Bette in the streets.  I know it sounds like I'm describing a 1940s housewife and that's okay-- some women like and that is what we are offering.  
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