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Five Crosses of Christ

Five Crosses of Christ

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This is a piece that was recovered from the Secret Archives at the Vatican.  The piece depicts what is known as Jerusalem's Crosses.  It's one large cross with a smaller cross in each quadrant.  The five crosses represent the five wounds of Christ-- one to each of his palms, one to each of his feet, and one to the side of his chest, which was pierced by the Lance of Longinus.  On the other side of this piece you will notice the Crucifixion of Christ, which is a reminder that Jesus was miraculous and is the facilitator of miracles, having died for his sins and risen from the grave. 

This piece is a miracle piece.  It is a personal piece that will deepen and strengthen your relationship with Jesus.  It will create a subliminal and telepathic connection between the two of you, whereby you will be able to ask for miracles in your life and they will be granted.  I know that it is said in the Bible that with God all things are possible and we can move mountains with appropriate faith, but humans lack that kind of faith.  

That is the energy and the magic that this piece provides for you.  It's that coming to the kingdom as a child with a childlike wonderment type of energy.  It will reach out to Jesus to let him know that you are indeed his child of light and he will oblige the miracles that you ask for -- SO LONG AS they don't directly interfere with God's Divine Will for existence and they don't interrupt the flow and balance of life.
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