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Five Thousand Powers

Five Thousand Powers

SKU: 22822101

Love Voodoo

This piece is handmade to put power particles in the universe to gain what you want. The inside of this piece holds a voodoo magic that includes spells, rituals and offerings. This piece has been done to hold over 5,000 wants and needs. It basically covers anything a human might have. If you need love from someone, revenge, luck or just a certain situation, you will create it.

You will not need to wear it ever but you can if you want. To use this piece you would use it as you would any voodoo doll. Get your pin and go. We do offer special pins that seriously increase the power of voodoo pieces. They run about 150.00. It is NOT needed for this piece. I mention them only if you wanted extreme supernatural power. Those pins can be used with anything and this piece. They are all antiques.

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