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Fountain of Ascended Immortals

Fountain of Ascended Immortals

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This piece is a Sterling silver antique pine with abalone.  It is a beautiful-- and very powerful-- piece of jewelry. 

I'm still not entirely sure how this piece became mine.  It was very unexpected and it came from a totally unexpected place.  Where I'm from there is a pretty sizable military base.  This military base holds many secrets, one of them being these underground gas chambers, which is what I was exploring when I came across-- well, I can't really say the piece that we are offering because that came later.  I'll suffice to say that it was there that my experience began.  

Now, I daresay-- and this is just my personal opinion-- that there might have been some sort of secret detention camp going on at the fort during WWII.  This is the era where the gas chambers are from.  Locals call them "bunkers" and we even have a local place that is known as Bunker Hill.  However, these things are sinister and they have an air of death about them.  My opinion, unprovable of course, is that the Japanese were detained and secretly gassed by American soldiers during WWII after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.  

What I think is that the area that I am from is predominantly German settlers who are very stuck in their ways.  One thing goes bad and they think that every person from a cultural background should suffer for it.  As I said, this is all a matter of speculation, but once I tell you about my experience you might also begin to speculate if there weren't some sketchy things going on during WWII, as well.  

I wasn't really there for a paranormal investigation, although I have been before.  This time I was there to take some shots, as I'm also an avid fan of ruins and outdoor photography.  However, things surely took a turn of the supernatural after a took a shot of part of the bunker and a golden orb showed up.  I focused my camera on the place where the golden orb's picture was taken.  The golden orb was there.  I looked away from the camera and there was nothing.  I looked back at the camera and the golden orb was closer.  

I looked away from the camera and nothing.  OUt of the corner of my eye I watched as the motion sensor on my camera's LCD screen began to light up.  I felt something like a cold hand on my should.  I heard an unintelligible whisper and then the hand spun me around.  I got extremely dizzy... so dizzy that I fainted.  When I returned to consciousness I found myself in very peculiar surroundings.  I was in an outdoor temple-- almost like a type of mall.

At the center of the mall was a colossal round pool.  Once ever about ten degrees of the circle.  There were thirty-six statues altogether.  The statues were beautiful with some being made out of ade.  Some were made from marble, others were made entirely out of onyx and other precious stones.  Each of the statues had a stream of water flowing from its chest.  The water appeared to be tinted whatever color the stone was, but fell into the fountain as clear water.  I wouldn't say regular water, because it definitely wasn't regular.  Each of the stone statues represented one of the ancient ascended immortals of the Asian culture.  

The ascended immortals are ancient magicians who have achieved nirvana or otherwise have been able to ascend into higher realms of consciousness.  There are thirty-six of them.  Each of them offers a different power or ability.   This power or ability is represented by the water the springs forth from their heart chakra, which is where each of the respective streams is located within the statue.  The fountain itself is called the Fountain of the Ascended Immortals.  Each of them holds a power, which is acquired by consuming the water that flows from their stone statue's heart chakra.  

I found this piece in the fountain, in the center pool where the water is collected.  It has been sitting in the pool soaking up the energies from all thirty-six of the ascended immortals.  These include powers such as wealth, physical and spiritual healing, ascendance, transcendence, full psychic awakening, altering reality, altering destiny, astral travel, calling forth spirits and souls, the ability to bond with the cosmos, the magic of the Asian zodiac, and other different forms of magic, all which will be revealed to you when you bond with this piece.  

I was taken safely back to the bunker.  My hypothesis is what I encountered was the spirit of a Japanese soul-worker who wanted to share his gift of knowledge one last time.  He took me to the place where he knew I'd receive some sort of magic.  I'm not sure why he did it for me and not somebody else, but I don't look a gift horse in the mouth.  This piece is incredibly powerful.  The more you work with it, the more powerful you will become!
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