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Fresh Start, First Breath, see various prices

Fresh Start, First Breath, see various prices



See various prices! They are different!

Fresh Start, First Breath

This is for everyone. If you can’t connect or want to improve, this is for you. Please read carefully!!! We need one thing from you, your birthdate and country of birth. If you have the exact time of birth, great, if not it’s okay. But country and birthdate is important. We don’t need city, state, etc, just the country. If you have ability now we will see it and improve upon it. So you keep it. If not a rebirth takes place using the most effective blueprint available close to your age and rising sign. Then with the help of Lillian various psychic abilities are placed into the piece. This is made for you! These shown are a few of the pieces you can choose from. Ask for sizing, pendants etc. These will take two weeks to make! I have to go to Delaware to have them completed. Lindy can do the charting but Lillian will do the power placement, create a blueprint with a soak. This allows the abilities to soak into you. This piece must be worn for 14 days. Yes you make take it off to shower if you want to.

The men’s ring shown is sterling and real Diamonds. The women’s I have shown you the tag. The earrings are sterling and lab created opal. I have plenty to choose from and sizes. Just ask.

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