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From the House of Honey Pot:  V is for Vagina

From the House of Honey Pot: V is for Vagina

SKU: 7182104

This piece comes to you from the House of Honey Pot in France.  They are not a feminist movement per se, but they are a group of female magicians that advocate for using magic to better their sex lives.  This piece is called V for Vagina.  It is an art deco piece in French Enamel that is in impeccable, flawless condition.  The Butterfly stands for heavenly orgasms, as this is what this piece will bring to you when you use it.  It doesn't matter who you are doing the Humpty with, your orgasms will be strong, invigorating, and amazing.  It will feel as though a volcano of pleasure is erupting in your lady parts.  Like L'oreal said-- you're worth it to.  

Aside from the sexual pleasure you will feel physically, this piece will also, through its orgasmic power, open your body up to be more susceptible to using magic.  Your magic will bond to you better and it will be easier to bond to your items and entities.
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